Windows apps I use and want on Linux

Windows App
Linux App
Accounting   Quicken            
AIM client   AIM            
Bibliography Manager   EndNotes            
Browser   IE, Opera, Netscape            
CD-R, CD-RW   Nero            
Compact Flash reader   Windows XP            
Compression manager   WinZip, WinRAR            
Database-flatfile   Access            
Database-Relational   MySQL, Oracle            
diagrams-ERD   Visio            
diagrams-other   Visio            
diagrams-UML   Visio, Together            
DVD-R, -RW, +R, +RW creator   Nero            
DVD-Video Editor                
eCookBook   NowYou'reCooking            
email   Outlook or Opera            
exchange client   Outlook            
IRQ client   IRQ            
Java IDE   Jbuilder, IBM Studio            
Java-UML modeling   Together            
MP3 joiner   MP3 trackmaker            
MP3 Player/Jukebox
MP3 splitter   MP3 trackmaker            
MP3-WMA-WAV-AA converter   GoldWave            
Newsreader-binary   BNR2            
Newsreader-text   Opera, Agent, Outlook Express            
Online banking   Quicken            
Online bill paying   Quicken            
PAR creator   WinRAR            
PAR testor   WinRAR            
PDF creator   Adobe Acrobat            
PDF reader   Acrobat reader            
Photo editing   Photoshop            
Picture indexing   ThumbsPlus            
Power Calculator                
Presentation   Powerpoint            
Print previewer-manager   FinePrint            
Remote control of GUI   Remote desktop connection            
SFV creator   SFVit            
SFV testor   CFAtest            
Spreadsheet   Excel            
Ssh-based scp graphical client   OpenSSH            
Text Editor   WinEdit, Notepad            
Topographic maps   TOPO            
USB connection   Windows XP            
Virus Scanner   Norton Antivirus            
Web app creation   Dreamweaver UltraDev            
Web page creation   Dreamweaver, 1st Page            
Web site management   Dreamweaver            
Windows Messenger Client   Windows XP            
Wordprocessor   Word