Some interesting links


Operating Systems


ssh client
Linux home page
Top 3 Online Resources for Learning the Command Line (For Linux and OS X)
Sunsite files - Generally the "best" site for tools and information on linux
Red Hat's Documentation
The Linux Documentation Project
File sharing on Linux & Windows
SQUID Users Guide
SQUID Source (tar.gz)
Tripwire: LinuxJournal -- Config Notes
lsof - nessus setup notes (10/22/07)     (doc file)
Apache 2.2.6-1 for FC7 Notes (10/24/07) OpenOffice odt file!
How-do-I or Quiz Ideas (11/1/07)

Unix Stuff

SCO home page
Unix & Linux commands reference

WindowsXX& NT

Annoyances - Good reference source on solving Win95 problems
Tucows - Good source of Win95 free and shareware.
Windows NT 4.0 Utilities - An excellent source for NT utilities and Information.
Networking Windows, particularly 98


"The Big Picture" by Russ Haynal
An excellent, though basic, guide the the internet's workings.
W3C: The World Wide Web Consortium
The W3C is an international consortium devoted to guiding the evolution of the Web. The group seeks to develop open, technologically sound specifications to enhance the Web's user interface and architecture. They also try to find ways to address the Web's societal issues with technology. The W3C's Web site has long been one of PC Magazine's Top 100 Web Sites.
URL reference
This document is intended to describe Uniform Resource Locators, widely used on the World Wide Web
and other media for referencing documents.
InterNIC DNS Registry
Whois, registration information, etc
RFC lookup
Request for Comments (RFC) is a series of documents published by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and cover a broad range of topics. The core topics are the Internet and the TCP/IP protocol suite.
Stallings "Data and Computer Communications, 8th ed."
Support for instructors and students using the book.  Lots of good links.
Network cabling standards
Simple explanation of ANSI/EIA/TIA-568 & 569
Personal Data Interchange
Information on the vCard & vCalender protocols
InterNIC Net Scout
Net Scout is an ambitious project from InterNIC and the University of Wisconsin at Madison, aimed at helping you cut through the spam and get directly to what's important on the Net. The project's basic plan is to have human editors wade through hundreds of announcements, select the most valuable resources, and organize the results. Although the service is primarily for educators and researchers, the selected resources represent the best of the Internet and are of interest to everyone.
Microsoft Site Builder Network
Information-packed site features a plethora of articles and subsections designed to get you designing whether you're a beginner or a true Web veteran
Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
A Glossary of Computer oriented abbreviations and acronyms by Irving and Richard Kind


Hubble Space Telescope
Berkeley EC Resource guide