Example Exam (Fall 2011)

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Class Notes (9/3/2019)
Negas: Fedora Linux Toolbox (1000+ commands)
and others

Bootchart Notes:
The tar.bz2 file contains the bootchartd file that gets installed in /sbin/
It also contains a bootchart script that runs the java program to render the bootchart.tgz data, however the bootchart script is not installed you use it where you uncompressed the bz2 file
You can also use the form at the bottom of the above page to get your image
bootchartd image example from Gandalf
Another bootchart image for Fedora 15

As of 2006 bootchart is no longer updated.  So here are some alternative links.
Wikipedia: Linux startup process
opensource.com: An introduction to the Linux boot and startup processes (2017)

A good list of interesting Linux books on Amazon

The Fedora Books I used to seup my recent desktop & servers:  Fedora 18 Linux: Networking and Servers & Fedora 18 Desktop: Appllications and Administration

Older Ubuntu Server Books (The Official Ubuntu Server Book - 978-0-13-702118-5 and the Ubuntu version of Linux Toolbox: 1000+ Commands - 978-0470082935)

Tripwire from LJ, Blockhosts, DenyHosts

tikiwiki install instructions

Important bash commands (doc) (odt)

O'Reilly bash command reference

Linux Startup with notes for lots of distros

Linux - Windows apps

How-Do-I ?

Like Geeks: Secure Linux Server --- iptables examples