Telecommunications Security: An intro to the 10 domains in the CISSP

EXAM 1 Fall 2015

Due in my email by midnight Mon (11/2)

ppt 0-6

Security Policy Paper

  1. Write a document creating an organization wide security policy (If you have no clue look at power points for the first chapters or pages 18-22 in the book).  The paper should give me a real world example of a security policy, security standards, and security guidelines for a real business.  I prefer one written for an orgainzation where you have worked. However, if that is not possible the pick one you are familiar with, for instance your parents' business or a University Business School.

  2. Use of the vulnerabilities, risks, threats, and and other pertinant information from our links would be a good place to start.

  3. Given that most of you have never worked on this type of thing in the “real world” this paper is briefer that the those which would be implemented. Work for applicable but brief (maybe 5 or so pages) paper.

  4. Due NO LATER THAN 12/6 but 12/3 would be MUCH better

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DrJohn's rss links (opml) 9/13/15

DNS Reconnaissance using nmap
Linux: 20 Iptables Examples For New SysAdmins Cloud Computing on Resources Page Intel Cloud Computing Security planning guide Cloud Computing Explained:
Implementation Handbook

Introduction to Wireshark (Part 1 of 3) 9:06
Cookies and Grabbing Passwords with Wireshark (Part 2 of 3) 5:11
Data Mining using Wireshark (Part 3 of 3) 6:03
The Ultimate Wireshark Tutorial 49:27
wireshark tutorial,Top 5 features you must Know in 5 minutes 9:05

Bumpkey 4:58
AirCrack-NG for Windows for Breaking WEP/WPA 12:40
John The Ripper To Crack Passwords-BackTrack Tutorials For Beginners 2:50
Nessus Videos

YouTube Security Tools
Wireless WEP Key Hacking 5:44


Revealed: FBI can demand web history, phone location data without a warrant
How to Secure Your Small Business With Big Business Protection
11 privacy and security tips for OS X Mac users
Tip of the Spear: Phishing or SpearPhishing?
Hackers can hijack Wi-Fi Hello Barbie to spy on your children

Hackers are selling lifetime access to stolen Netflix accounts for less than $1
Is Comcast’s new Stream TV service as bad as it seems for net neutrality? No, it’s even worse
Sweden refuses to order ISP to block Pirate Bay
The Amazon Echo was the best-selling $100+ item on during Black Friday
Criminals Steal $4 Million In Cash With Novel 'Reverse ATM' Attack

Cinnamon 2.8 Review
WordPress sites once again being compromised
Your Info Is Leaking: Privacy Concerns with Online Quizzes
Amazon force-resets passwords
This One Vulnerability Might Leak Your IP When Using A VPN

How Education Will Be Smarter, Less Intrusive, And Able To Respond To How You Feel
Climate Change Will Not Be Dangerous for a Long Time
The Best Tips and Tools for Computer Builders
Amazon’s New Bookstore Flips The Script
Must See JavaScript Dev Tools That Put Other Dev Tools to Shame

How to track your Linux laptop
5 Windows 10 Registry Tweaks to Improve & Unlock Features
Kentucky man shoots down drone hovering over his backyard
10 Great Security Tools You Should Be Using
Samsung Gear VR review (2015): A no-brainer if you own a Samsung phone

Officials link hacker to theft of 1.2 billion log-in credentials
The tar command explained
Hilton confirms malware accessed payment info at its hotels
Better Than Wi-Fi, Li-Fi Is 100 Times Faster
The 20 Best Podcasts of 2015: As Recommended by MakeUseOf
Windows turns 30: a visual history
Home IoT security could come from a glowing rock next year
Visual Studio now supports debugging Linux apps; Code editor now open source
Flaws found in LastPass password manager by security researchers
Secure Network Time Protocol goes beta

Windows' disk encryption could be easily bypassed in 'seconds'
5 of the Best Free Offline Browsers That Help You View Web Content Offline
Why You Shouldn’t Purchase a Prebuilt Desktop Computer
Google to Serve Up Facebook Content In Mobile Search
Everyone Should Get a Security Freeze

GOP lawmaker calls on FCC to ban social media, other sites
Senator McCain Promises To Introduce Legislation To Backdoor Encryption, Make Everyone Less Safe
Blaming Encryption for the Paris Attacks Looks Dumber Every Day
Reasons to never rely on fingerprints over passwords
The Greatest iPhone Dongle Ever Made

Tor is getting a major security upgrade Create Hidden Administrative Accounts in OS X from the Terminal
Google aims to be ‘cloud company’ by 2020, predicts more revenue from cloud platform than ads
It's time to secure your Amazon account with two-factor authentication
I Turned Off JavaScript for a Whole Week and It Was Glorious

Monitor Apache Web Server Using Mod_status
Large malvertising campaign uses casino sites to unload Angler Exploits
The Stupidity of Crowds: The Internet is Wrong a Lot
How to Encrypt Directories/Partitions with eCryptfs on Debian 8
Google Open Sources Two Tools To Import Mail Into Gmail

Syria's least-known but most famous migrant is the father of Apple's Steve Jobs
Google Photos Will Now Help You Free Up Space On Your Phone
Instagram cracks down on third-party apps after password thefts
Google+ gets major redesign with big focus on Communities and Collections

Business Insider
Forget BadBIOS, here comes BadBarcode…
Appeals court lets NSA phone program continue
Police body cams found pre-installed with notorious Conficker worm
Microsoft announces new Cyber Defense Operations Center to bolster enterprise security credentials
Night Vision: Graphene Breakthrough May Lead To Night Vision Technology In Cellphones And Laptops, Study Says
Want to stop apps from sharing your data? There’s an app for that, too

The best hidden features in Windows 10's major update
Microsoft might not bring Android apps to Windows after all
10 Ways to Boost Security on iOS Mobile Devices
Chrome zero-day flaw places millions of smartphone users at risk
FBI accused of paying US university for dark net attack

10 awesome server monitoring tools to help you run your website like a pro
Google Search Just Got Way Better at Understanding Your Questions
Privacy Not Included: Federal Law Lags Behind New Tech
Apple’s iTunes Is Alienating Its Most Music-Obsessed Users
Playing YouTube Videos in the Background of Your Android Device with the Screen Turned Off

Everything You Need to Know About Tor’s Messenger System
Phishing scam targeting DHL customers discovered
4 Interview questions for data security analyst
Monday review - the hot 23 stories of the week
How to Automate Microsoft Office Tasks with IFTTT Recipes

What Technology Will Look Like In Five Years
Microsoft Helps Out Healthcare Sector with New Data Encryption Algorithm
Facebook: “Are you sure you want to publicly post that photo of your child?”
More POS malware, just in time for Christmas
Paris Attacks Blamed on Strong Cryptography and Edward Snowden

Hacking Collective Anonymous Declares Total War On ISIS Following Paris Terror Attacks
How to hide files, photos and apps on Android
Become a Certified Microsoft Engineer with the Server Infrastructure Bundle at 92% off
Inside Mark Zuckerberg's Bold Plan For The Future Of Facebook

Why IT and Operations are on a collision course
The mafia of the digital age
Best practices for password protection
If You Want Tech Freedom, Congress Needs To Change A Law
Techdirt Reading List: Piracy: The Intellectual Property Wars From Gutenberg To Gates
Galaxy View, iPad Pro Aim to Fire Up Tablet Market With Big Screens
Cisco and Ericsson Hook Up for IoT Network
Amazon Casts Its Net on the Internet of Things
Nest Labs Opens Door to 3rd-Party Devs
Apple, Banks in Talks on Mobile Person-to-Person Payment Service

Fujistu Password Protection: Company Reveals Iris Scanning Encryption Tech For Smartphones
Microsoft to Add Secure Islands to Its Cloud
Tor Says Feds Paid Carnegie Mellon $1M to Help Unmask Users
Apple user anger as Mac apps break due to security certificate lapse
A New Path to Better Cybersecurity

Meet the futurists: People who 'live in the future'
InstaAgent app pulled after 'harvesting passwords'
US banks attacked, manipulated and left (heart)bleeding
Twitter faces local computer server demand by Russia
How to Make a Basic Intrusion Detection System with Bash

Hackers' sale of Comcast log-ins reminds us to change our password habits
Samsung Gear VR headset now up for preorder at $99
Fedora 23 Improves Security, Desktop and Cloud
Ransomware meets Linux - on the command line!
Crypto-ransomware hits UK Parliament network

Hackers compromise 70 million prison inmate phone records
Ransomware Is Getting Sophisticated
Google’s New “About Me” Page Lets You Control What Personal Info Others Can See
Linux Ransomware has predictable key, automated decryption tool released
Wired Review: Apple iPad Pro

Microsoft Seeks To Dispel Cloud Mistrust In Europe With German Trustee Model
How to Use Gmail and Inbox Together
The cloud wars explained: Why nobody can catch up with Amazon
New study finds that iPhones are actually more vulnerable than Android phones
Wired: The Best Gadgets Money Can Buy: WIRED’s Picks for 2015
Why Mobile Payment Services Are Gaining Momentum
Comcast Resets 200K Passwords After Data Leak
NSA: We Disclose 91 Percent of Security Bugs We Find
Tim Cook warns UK government against weakening encryption
New type of auto-rooting Android adware is nearly impossible to remove

Microsoft Admits Windows 10 Automatic Spying Cannot Be Stopped
US presidential candidate websites easy to hack, says report
Customers are complaining that some tablets for sale on Amazon are loaded with malware
The kernel of the argument
Badly coded ransomware locks away data forever

Hackers Can Turn Siri And Google Now Against You
Toyota to invest $1 billion into artificial intelligence
More Nightmare Stories of Your Worst IT Jobs Ever
Swiss email firm pays web attack ransom
The user knows nothing: Rethinking cybersecurity

How to Add PIN Security to Your Windows 10 Account
7 Chrome Extensions to Enhance Gmail
Dropbox Enterprise launches with new security features
Trim Will Find Your Subscriptions, Cancel Those You No Longer Want
Three Little Phishes - security lessons from the week just past

iOS 9 Has Six-Digit Passcodes, But You Can Toggle It Off
Linux Ransomware targeting Servers and Threatening Webmasters to Pay
Google Open-Sources The Machine Learning Tech
11 Hidden OS X El Capitan Features You Might Not Know About
Google’s New Autoreply Sounds Great!!!!

9 Easy IFTTT DO Button Tricks to Quickly Automate Your Life
Vulnerability In Java Commons Library Leads To Hundreds of Insecure Applications
WordPress now powers 25% of the Web
EU wants to require permission to make a link on the Web
Hackers have Hacked into US Arrest Records Database
IT leaders plan to further embrace cloud in 2016
Building Your Breach Resistance First Line of Defense
Is that a human or machine driving? Mistaken identity can lead to tragedy
Hello, I’m Mr. Null. My Name Makes Me Invisible to Computers
These Cute Little Wifi Routers Want to Solve All Your Wireless Problems

This tiny disc turns analog watches into smartwatches
10 High-End Smartphone Alternatives to Apple's iPhone
How your voice can protect you from credit card fraud
Report finds apps regularly 'spy on users'
Free Up iPhone Storage Space With This Simple 'Messages' Trick

Google's Project Zero discovers 11 'high-impact security issues' on Samsung Galaxy 6S Edge
Get used to it?: Mega breaches
RSA: Cyber-security industry is "fundamentally broken", says Amit Yoran
The Confusing World of Object-Oriented Programming, Explained as an RPG
Researcher releases Free Hacking Tool that Can Steal all Your Secrets from Password Manager

Facebook Speeds Past 1.55 Billion Users And Q3 Estimates With $4.5B Revenue
Nightmare Stories of Your Worst IT Jobs Ever
Here Are the Top 5 Newest Buzzwords for Tech Jobs
6 websites that let you download free ebooks
An Inside Look: Steve Jobs Teaches Business Strategy 101
Tips for Improving Enterprise, Personal Security Online
Ransomware Operation Racked Up $325M in Damages, Security Firms Say
Google's Neural Network Can Now Reply to Gmail Messages For You
America’s crypto battles
Apple's Boring Legal Notifications Are Now a Brilliant Graphic Novel

Antivirus software is dead, says security expert at Symantec
Somebody Just Claimed a $1 Million Bounty for Hacking the iPhone
Arbitration Everywhere, Stacking the Deck of Justice
Apple, Microsoft, and Google are trying to incite a quiet app revolution
Top 10 Evil Ways to Use Technology

Tor launches anti-censorship Messenger service
The coming smart-thing apocalypse
Why IT Careers Are in Demand
Senators demand answers about IRS use of secret cellphone tracking systems
Apple is asking the Supreme Court to overturn a decision that would force it to pay consumers $450 million

Google book-scanning project legal, says U.S. appeals court
Support scams that plagued Windows users for years now target Mac customers
Apple CEO Tim Cook blasts encryption backdoors
Anonymous attacks two Japanese airports
Hacking group stole credit card data of 150K casino customers
This Leave-In SD Card Merges With Your MacBook's SSD to Increase Its Capacity
T-Mobile may let you stream Netflix and HBO without using up your data plan
Setting up Apache Server with SSL Support on Ubuntu
Buying a Case: Drive Bays, Form Factor and More
Did the FBI really say "pay up" for ransomware? Here’s what to do...

A Quick Guide to the Cybersecurity Bill Passed by the U.S. Senate
JRR Tolkien: 'I never expected a money success'
Russian ships may be preparing to attack the global internet
Microsoft Officially Unveils Its Arrow Launcher For Android
Microsoft Ignites a new Focus on Security (Part 6)

Vim Is Awesome: Make It Better With These 5 Customizations
How to Customize the iOS Sharing Menu
HTML5 On The Rise: No Longer Ahead Of Its Time
MySQL Servers Hijacked With Malware To Perform DDoS Attacks
Judge rules man had right to shoot down drone over his house

How to Insure Your Personal Electronics Against Damage and Theft
Cars That Talk to Each Other Are Much Easier to Spy On
Facebook’s Quest to Quash Boredom by Moving Beyond Friends
The Ultimate Guide To Using Gmail Like A Complete Boss
US government says it's now okay to jailbreak your tablet and smart TV

Build a Device That Can Crack Master Combination Locks in Under 30 Seconds
Joomla SQL-Injection Flaw Affects Millions of Websites
Apple just set an all-time sales record for Macs — and it's not even Christmas yet
Apple MacBook Pro 15-Inch With Retina Display (2015)
MIT Scientists: Now You Can See Through Walls with Wi-Fi
European Parliament rejects amendments protecting net neutrality
Samsung Pay Adds Gift Cards, More Bank Partners
Review: Samsung Pays Where Apple Can’t
How to Use Edward Snowden’s Three Tips for Digital Privacy
Smarter Copyright Laws Could Stop the Next VW Scandal

Someone just bought your smart home. Did they get your data, too?
Why Self-Driving Cars Must Be Programmed to Kill
Hackers sweet-talked their way into the CIA director's email account
Australia tops world for cyber security incidents
How to Pin sites to the Safari Browser in OSx El Capitan

5 of the Best Secure Email Services for Better Privacy
How to Set Up the Password Protect Web Directory in Apache
Do you have a right to know if your car is hackable?
Only 5% of Mac users at IBM need help desk support, compared to 40% of PC users
Privileged Account Takeovers Pose Major Risks

Walmart Is Looking To Get Into The Drone Delivery Game
Why IoT Security is so Critical
The Cloud Is Raining Cash on Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Microsoft is booming -- but not for the reason you think
Why Modern IT Security Is Like Aviation—100 Years Ago

Artificial intelligence is coming to a surveillance camera near you
Apple vs. Google: If you get hacked, which account could be bigger trouble?
7 Basic Network Security Mistakes You're Probably Making
DOJ Claims Apple Should Be Forced To Decrypt iPhones Because Apple, Not Customers, 'Own' iOS
Book Review: FreeBSD Mastery – ZFS

How To See Characteristics of File Systems on Linux or Unix
Android Probe Has “High Priority”, Says Europe’s Antitrust Chief
The Most Controversial Hacking Cases of the Past Decade
Report: Millennial IT workers are greatest internal risk to companies
The 11 Worst Internet Scams We’re Still Falling For

The GOP Has a Tech Talent Problem It Might Not Solve
Talk Talk 'KNEW about huge cyber attack 10 weeks ago' as customers targeted
5 Reasons Why Windows 10 Might Make You Switch to Linux
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Your Next MicroSD Card
Don't Trust Caller ID -- It Can be Faked
Apple’s iOS 9.1 Shuts Down The Pangu Hacking Team’s Jailbreak
Why Some of Tech's Biggest Companies Are Against Cyber Security Bill
Everything You Need to Know About Windows Tech Support Scams
How to Customize Windows 10 Action Center
2015 was the worst in history for OSX malware

Hackers Make Cars Safer. Don’t Ban Them From Tinkering
US Government Preparing Bill to Make Car Hacking Research Illegal
Self-Encrypting HDDs Not Really Encrypted, Store Passwords in Plain Text
Ransomware using Remote Desktop to spread itself
NSA chief: These are the 3 cyber threats that keep me up at night

Is Our Current File & Folder System Flawed?
Sorry, Einstein. Quantum Study Suggests ‘Spooky Action’ Is Real
How to Use OS X’s New Split Windows View
New Android Marshmallow devices must have default encryption, Google says
Social Engineering — Free Online Training for Hackers

How to Enable Android 6.0’s Experimental Multi-Window Mode
Beware of Technology! The Best Horror Films for Geeks
Apple says it can’t break into new iPhones, even if the government tells it to
Cracking WiFi Passwords By Hacking into Smart Kettles
Got an Apple Mac, iThing? Update it right now – there's a shedload of security holes fixed

Fingerprint readers are now essential
Fire up your Mac's firewall
How to Unlock the Secret Administrator Account in Windows
ouTube Red, A $9.99 Site-Wide Ad-Free Subscription With Play Music, Launches Oct 28
Mossberg: The Steve Jobs I knew isn't in this movie

Firefox is testing marking any page that sends passwords over HTTP as insecure
New attacks on Network Time Protocol can defeat HTTPS and create chaos
Hackers Can Wirelessly Upload Malware to a Fitbit in 10 Seconds
Here's another sign that Amazon's $7 billion cloud business is crushing its competition
Microsoft Surface Book review
Cybersecurity Firm Says Chinese Hackers Keep Attacking U.S. Companies
Nagios Server Monitor
How IT Managers Can Bridge the Generational Technology Gap
Manufacturers Fail to Eliminate Vulnerabilities on Mobile Devices
How to Play Classic Retro Games on Android

Hacker News Weekly Roundup
Western Digital My Passport Ultra (2TB)
How to Easily Select Your Default Apps in Android 6.0
How to Use Android 6.0’s Built-in File Manager
USB Flash Drive Guide: 5 Things to Know When Buying One

An Algorithm That Can Predict Human Behavior Better Than Humans
How to speed up your internet connection on Linux
14 Things You Can Do in Android Marshmallow That You Couldn't Do in Lollipop
Facebook will warn you if the government is hacking your profile
Who Is Responsible for Security in the Cloud?

Why Microsoft Is Doubling Down on the Hardware Business
X-Ray Scans Expose an Ingenious Chip-and-Pin Card Hack
Uber finally unleashes its FedEx killer, Uber Rush
Why This Longtime Google Fan Now Prefers DuckDuckGo
How to Install and Configure CSF (Config Server Firewall) on CentOS 7

Breaking The Barrier Of Humans And Machines
Google, Facebook, Microsoft and buddies stick a bomb under hated CISA cyber-law
'Steve Jobs' writer Aaron Sorkin says 'my conscience is clear' on film's accuracy
How to Use Google’s Password Manager to Sync Your Passwords Everywhere
Microsoft is Pushing Windows 10 Just a Little Too Hard

How NSA successfully Broke Trillions of Encrypted Connections
How To Create Disk Image on Mac OS X With dd Command
Is It Time to Upgrade Your Wireless Router?
Programming Hate Into AI Will Be Controversial, But Possibly Necessary
Report: Russian hackers stole info from Dow Jones
2015: The Most Prolific Year for OS X Malware
Why Most Android Devices Run on Old Versions of the OS
How Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Fares vs. Apple iPad Pro
Setting Up IP and Port-Based Virtualhost in Apache
Schneier on Security: Crypto-Gram 10/15

Dark Reading: The State of Apple Security
AT&T's new NumberSync service aims to make your connected devices actually usable
This USB drive will tase your computer
Cellphone as Security Blanket
Hackers Can Silently Control Siri From 16 Feet Away

How an EMC Buyout Will Make Dell a More Capable Enterprise IT Player
How Digital Strategies Create Network Challenges
Adobe issues advisory for Flash vulnerability targeting government agencies
Jury says Apple could face $862 million penalty for using university's patent
University of Cambridge study finds 87% of Android devices are insecure

6 Reasons You Should Switch From iOS to Android
AVG defends plans to flog user data as privacy row continues
US taxman slammed: Half of the IRS's servers still run doomed Windows Server 2003
Google Records and Store Your Voice — Here's How to Listen and Delete It

European aviation body warns of cyber-attack risk against aircraft
Amazon Fire review: $50 of incredible value
Dozens of Managers Were Involved in VW’s Diesel Scandal
3 California Cities Blocking Parking Ticket App For Being, Like, Way Too Useful
How to Change a USER and GROUP ID on Linux For All Owned Files
File systems
How to Show the Current Path in Finder on Your Mac
For 1st time, MIT's free online classes can lead to degree
Cops Don’t Need a Crypto Backdoor to Get Into Your iPhone
Adobe Updates Its Document Cloud With Dropbox Integration, Improved eSign Services

The New York Times Debuts Free “Digital Day Passes” For Its Newsstand Customers
Here's Where Google and Amazon could make their next $100B
Hackers dump data for 2.3 million Patreon users online
New Stagefright attack targets Android phones with phony audio files
Scottrade data breach affects up to 4M customers

Dow Jones & Co. breached, current and former subscribers contacted  engadget
Researchers say SHA-1 will soon be broken, urge migration to SHA-2
Artificial neural networks are changing the world. What are they?
SwiftKey's latest keyboard is powered by a neural network How to Mount ISOs and Other Disc Images on Windows, Mac, and Linux

LogMeIn just acquired LastPass to build one password platform to rule them all
1Password Gets A 40% Discount In Wake Of LastPass Acquisition
Is It Still Cheaper to Build Your Own PC?
A Student Loan System Stacked Against the Borrower
How to Disable System Integrity Protection on a Mac (and Why You Shouldn’t)

The Ivy League one Leaf at a Time
Critical Netgear Router Exploit allows anyone to Hack You Remotely
How to split large audio files on Linux
Wordpress Brute Force Attacks
Hackers Backdooring Cisco WebVPN To Steal Customers’ Passwords

Is your password too short to be safe?
5 Tools to Convert and Edit The PDF Format
The Payments World Really Wants To Know Who You Are
6 reasons why you should be using Google Photos instead of Apple Photos
Matthew Keys’ Hacking Conviction May Not Survive an Appeal
Wired Trial Subscription
6 Ways to Open the Task Manager in Windows
Setting Up SSH on Ubuntu
iOS 9 users reporting cellular data connectivity issues
Amazon Launches Snowball, A Rugged Storage Appliance For Importing Data To AWS By FedEx

Your Boarding Pass Has a Ton of Personal Info On It: Shred It
How a Drone can Infiltrate your network
New Android adware spotted loaded with root exploits — but you’re safer than you think
How to Keep Safe With Internet Enabled Gadgets In Your Home
The Internet is Smart, But It Still Fell For These Hoaxes

Researchers Unable To Replicate Findings of Published Economics Studies
Google Announces Accelerated Mobile Pages Project To Bring You Quick-Loading Articles
Have your say on the FCC's plan to lock down WiFi routers
Oculus’ New $99 Samsung Gear VR Makes Serious Virtual Reality Affordable
5 Simple Ways to Save Money on New Hard Drives

15 best antivirus Android apps and anti-malware Android apps
Windows 10 Continuum Will Forever Change Smartphones ... or Whatever We'll Eventually Call Them
How to Activate GodMode in Windows 10
Microsoft’s Surface Book Will Redefine How PCs Are Made
British Intelligence Agency can hack any Smart Phone with just a text Message

Amazon AWS web application firewall (WAF) launched
This Secure Opperating System can Protect You Even if you get Hacked
Former NSA Directors Coming Out Strongly *Against* Backdooring Encryption
5 Things To Do Right After Installing Ubuntu
Ad-slinging rootkit nasty permanently drills into Android mobes, tabs
Singapore urges nation to adopt security-by-design mindset
Data hack at 7 Trump hotels confirmed
Early report sheds first light on why VW cheated
How to do image steganography on Linux
How to Export or Save All Pictures from MMS Text Messages on Android

Researcher warns about Security Loopholes in Denmark's Largest Bank
Safe Harbor agreement ruled invalid by top EU court

Hey, Remember How Net Neutrality Was Supposed To Destroy The Internet?
The Stagnation Of eBooks Due To Closed Platforms And DRM
Read Tim Cook’s Note To Apple Employees On The Anniversary Of Jobs’ Death

DDoS attacks continue to increase
10 Technologies Foretold by Books, Film and TV
"10 Ways Cloud is Changing the World"
Review: Apple iPhone 6s
Car Hack Technique Uses Dealerships to Spread Malware

4 Reasons You Don’t Need to Be a Pirate Anymore
How to Secure an SSH Server in Ubuntu 14.04
Amazon pulling Apple TV and Chromecast over Prime Video support
Appliance takeover?: Internet of Things
Experian leaks info from 15 million T-Mobile credit applications

OS X El Capitan review: a modest update, with some welcome changes
Logitech's Circle camera is a portable Dropcam-killer
Google’s Cell Service Could Snare All the Major Carriers
Linux botnet observed launching powerful DDoS attacks
DDoS attack sent 4.5 billion requests using mobile browsers

How to make your own bootable OS X 10.11 El Capitan USB install drive
300 million non-suspects could be caught up in airline passenger info grab, warns privacy chief
How GCHQ Tracks Internet Users
ATM Skimmer Gang Firebombed Antivirus Firm
Thousands of 'directly hackable' hospital devices exposed online
We Didn’t Start The Fire (Amazon Did)
The Beginner’s Guide to Shell Scripting: The Basics
Stephanie Fogle, Kathleen Elkins and Samantha Lee
Report Details China's Cyber-Spying Efforts as President Visits U.S.
The 11 Best Documentaries on Netflix to Get Your Geek Fix

Declining Student Resilience: A Serious Problem for Colleges
71% Of Americans Oppose Civil Asset Forfeiture. Too Bad Their Representatives Don't Care.
Setting up Master-Master Replication with MySQL on Debian 8 (Jessie)
How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Our Lives, for Better or Worse
Apple Sells 13 Million iPhones In Opening Weekend, Or 3,000 iPhones Per Minute

Storing secret crypto keys in the Amazon cloud? New attack can steal them
The new iOS is eating up your data plan — here's how to fix it
Here's how much money you can make as a programmer in 6 of America's startup hotspots
RIAA chief says DMCA is “largely useless” to combat music piracy
Uber users are paying for fraudsters to take rides in China

People Who Need to Pee Are Better at Lying
Exploiting Browser Cookies to Bypass HTTPS and Steal Private Information
Yahoo! Launches Free Web Application Security Scanner
The Future Of Coding Is Here, And It Threatens To Wipe Out Everything In Its Path

Report: VW was warned about cheating emissions in 2007
Banks: Card Breach at Hilton Hotel Properties
See the Perks and Pay of Your next Job
Now That Nielsen Can Actually Be Bothered To Track Internet Video, The Numbers For Traditional TV Are Getting Ugly
5 cognitive biases that are killing your decisions
Thailand aims to build its own Great Firewall of Internet censorship
How NSA Surveillance May Result In Fragmenting The Internet: EU Court Leaning Towards Ending 'Privacy Safe Harbor'
How to Enable and Use iCloud Drive on Your iPhone or iPad
How to trigger commands on File/Directory changes with Incron on Debian
BYOD Security Issues Cause Headaches for Employees, IT Pros

How to Manage Security for an Enterprise's Human Endpoints
3.4 million B.C., Yukon student records lost with misplaced hard drive
Facebook adds support for new OpenPGP encryption
Russian firm tasked with cracking Tor throws in towel
Security wares like Kaspersky AV can make you more vulnerable to attacks

How to Install and Use Wine to Run Windows Applications on Linux
Crossover for Linux (wine made easy)
How to Download YouTube Movies & Music on Android
AT&T files lawsuit against former employees for installing malware, illegally unlocking phones
IT security spending to hit $75.4bn in 2015 despite currency issues, says Gartner

Google's 'right to be forgotten' appeal - France says 'non!'
Privacy, net neutrality, security, encryption ... Europe tells Obama, US Congress to back off
Lines start forming for iPhone 6S days before launch
The Plot Twist: E-Book Sales Slip, and Print Is Far From Dead
Demand for IT security skills

FBI Backdoors Won’t Help Anybody – Not Even the FBI
The Truth About Streaming: It Pays Labels A Lot, They Don’t Pay Musicians
Songwriter says he made $5,679 from 178 million Pandora streams XCodeGhost iOS infection toll rises from 39 to a WHOPPING 4,000 apps
Chinese ad firm pwns Android users, creates hijackable global botnet
3 Powerful New Features to Try in iOS 9
Lifetime Access to Over 500 Tech-Related Courses for $49
iOS 9 Hack: How to Access Private Photos and Contacts Without a Passcode
Deleting WhatsApp Messages Before 90 Days Could Land you in Jail
As US Turns Away From Idea Of Backdooring Crypto, David Cameron Has A Problem

French Regulating Body Says Google Must Honor Right To Be Forgotten Across All Of Its Domains
How to Protect Your Android Phone from Stagefright Exploit
systemd System and Service Manager
Volkswagen Uses Software to Fool EPA Pollution Tests
How to Choose & Switch Linux Display Managers

How to Add a Recent Items Stack to Your Dock in OS X
India's Government Looking At Mandating Backdoors In Encryption
How to Use the Password Manager in Safari on iPhone or iPad
Court: Cell Site Location Records From Five Minutes Ago Are 'Historical,' Not 'Real Time'
4 Reasons You Don’t Need to Be a Pirate Anymore

Apple removes malware-infected App Store apps after major security breach
Say Goodbye to Spammers by Blocking Their Calls & Texts
Amazon Introduces Four New Tablets in Groovy Colors
Techdirt Reading List: The Piracy Crusade
White House Realizes Mandating Backdoors To Encryption Isn't Going To Happen

IBM’s upcoming blockchain release could change the internet
Kno Uses IBM Watson To Fill Your News Feed With Quality Content
Volkswagen Could Face $18 Billion Fine Over Emission-Cheating Software
AVG Antivirus Plans to Collect & Sell Your Personal Data to Advertisers
How to Add PCMag to Apple News
U.S. Workers Not Protecting Data Despite Threats
How to Install and Set Up Tor Browser on Linux
Tech Allies Lobby to Keep U.S. Rule From Fettering Security Research
Android Lollipop Can Be Hacked With Very Long Password
AirDrop hole deposits stealth malware on all pre-iOS 9 Apple devices

makeuseof news digest
Bible apps are EVIL says John McAfee as he phishes legal sysadmins in real time
Here’s why you shouldn’t panic about the Android lock screen hack
Banks can join together to sue Target after “massive” data breach, judge says
Child Arrested Because Adults Are Stupid

How To SSH Run Multiple Command On Remote Machine And Exit Safely
How to Set Locales (i18n) On a Linux or Unix
AT&T boosts limit on 'unlimited' data
HowtoForge provides user-friendly Linux tutorials.
How to compare and merge text files on Linux (part 2)

How Much Digital Media Can Fit on History’s Storage Devices
11 Ways to Open Your Favorite Apps Faster on Android

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Russian pleads guilty in US to selling hacked credit cards
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China reportedly compiling 'Facebook' of U.S. government employee
Department of Energy latest victim of a government data breach
SYNful Knock: Backdoor Malware Found in Cisco Routers
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These Multi-billion Dollar Industries Are Ripe For Disruption This Decade
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IS hackers targeted email accounts of top UK ministers: Report

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Storage device reported stolen from insurer RSA's data centre
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Appeals court strikes a blow for fair use in long-awaited copyright ruling
Dad sues Facebook after 11-year-old shared photos and messages with men
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FBI dumps on IoT security
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Here Is How To Address Car Hacking Threats
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Director of national intelligence: Snowden forced “needed transparency”

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Cryptographers Brace for Quantum Revolution
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Buying a Keyboard: For Work, Play, and Everything in Between
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Files on Seagate wireless disks can be poisoned, purloined – thanks to hidden login

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Collecting Ubuntu Linux System Information
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The importance of education in combating phishing attacks [Q&A]
To encrypt or not to encrypt?
FTC Commissioner Says The Public Needs Strong Encryption, Not Backdoors
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How to Use Google Photos to Store an Unlimited Amount of Photos
Linux Journal
A Close Look at PayPal Overpayment Scams That Target Craigslist Sellers
TSA Master Keys
Reminder! If You Haven't yet, Turn Off Windows 10 Keylogger Now
Updates and Security in Windows 10
YouTube Network Security
Pre-Installed Android Malware Raises Security Risks in Supply Chain
Intel's New Processors Bring 'Most Significant Advancements in Computing'

9 baby monitors wide open to hacks that expose users’ most private moments
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Top 10 Ways to Break Into and Out of Almost Anything
The Cable Industry Is Fighting Tooth And Nail To Prevent Cable Set Top Box Competition
Plan Your Free Online Education at Lifehacker U: Fall Semester 2015

Why Do So Many Tech Workers Dislike Their Jobs?
OH DEAR, WHSmith: Sensitive customer data spaffed to world+dog
FBI’s Cyber Task Force Identifies Stealthy FF-RATs used in Cyber Attack
Ashley Madison Source Code Shows Evidence They Created Bots To Message Men
PSA: If You Download and Run Something Bad, No Antivirus Can Help You

New FCC Rules Could Ban WiFi Router Firmware Modification
Run Windows Software on Linux the Simple Way
Kali Linux 2.0

vmware & VB images
Thermal Camera Review: These Heat Seekers Reveal an Unseen World
Bloomberg B-School Connection

TeamViewer Download for Linux
ASUS unveils the Intel-powered, Windows 10 VivoStick
Three months later, the government still hasn't told 21.5 million employees their data was hacked
Get the Best of MakeUseOf with Our New Android App
Here are the best Gmail hacks to keep you on track
Uber pulls up to the bumper, plonks Jeep hackers into driving seat
'White hats don't want to work for us' moans understaffed FBI
Psst, hackers. Just go for the known vulnerabilities
Amazon Prime Instant Video Now Lets iOS And Android Owners Download Titles For Offline Viewing

Security Experts Debate Whether Anti-phishing Training Worth the Cost
How the DDoS Attack Landscape Continues to Shift
6 Websites to Legally Download eBooks for Free
Hacking number one consumer fear, others not worried: Kaspersky Labs
What Is SU & Why Is It Important to Using Linux Effectively?

Learn To Be IT Certified For 95% Off + Bonus Deal
7 Security Behaviors You Should Be Using to Stay Safe
Duet Display (for iPad)
Here's a phish you might not spot - 60 Second Security
Tiger – Unix Security Audit & Intrusion Detection Tool

3 UNIX-Like Operating Systems That Aren’t Linux
tshark: command line network analyzer
The 6 Most Dangerous Security Threats of 2015
Why Upgrading from Windows XP to Linux is Easier than You Think
KeyRaider Malware Responsible For Possibly Largest Known Apple Account Theft To Date, Affecting 225,000 Users

Ubuntu Is the Dominant Cloud OS
Five Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Linux
BitTorrent Fixes Reflective DDoS Attack Security Flaw
Systemd Absorbs "su" Command Functionality
How Hackers Could Hijack Your Facebook Fan Page
How security flaws work: The buffer overflow
Ins0mnia bug means malicious iOS apps WILL NEVER DIE
Malware menaces poison ads as Google, Yahoo! look away
Apple iOS Jailbreak Tweaks Have Backdoors; 220,000 iCloud Accounts Hacked
Study: 15% Of Wireless Users Now Tracked By Stealth Headers, Or 'Zombie Cookies'

PayPal Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Steal All Your Money
Cross-site scripting
Windows 10 booms as PC sales collapse
Why You Shouldn’t Jailbreak Your iPhone
 Top 10 Common Application Attacks to Avoid

Google's been recruiting programmers based on their search habits
Businessman who hacked 900 phones as "revenge" is jailed
How To Keep Microsoft's Nose Out of Your Personal Data In Windows 10
How to Block An Application from Accessing the Internet with Windows Firewall
How to Fully Control Your Android Device from Any Computer

Lessons learned from cracking 4,000 Ashley Madison passwords
Microsoft Ignites a new Focus on Security (Part 2)
Regularities in Android Lock Patterns
The Onion Router is being cut up and making security pros cry
Too Many Law Students, Too Few Legal Jobs

Windows 10 Reserves The Right To Block Pirated Games And 'Unauthorized' Hardware
Facebook Goes Nuclear On The Messaging War With Its M Assistant
Amazon Underground Features An Android App Store Focused On “Actually Free” Apps
Read the World’s Best Books for Free With The Harvard Classics
Why cloud security is your next big, expensive, headache
Whistleblowers Band Together To Sue FBI, NSA And DOJ
How and Why to Encrypt Your Text Messages
Amazon Echo Builds a Virtual Assistant Into a Home, Office Speaker
John McAfee: Ashley Madison "Was An Inside Job"
Linus Torvalds Talks Linux Security at LinuxCon

Companies That Let Themselves Get Hacked Can Be Sued by the FTC, Court Rules
8 tech skills you need if you want be to an entrepreneur
How to monitor your system performance on (Ubuntu) Linux
10 Quick Ways to Customize & Personalize Windows 10
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Don’t Be Apple
Samsung's next big thing is a free trial program for iPhone owners
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System Builder Marathon Q2 2015: $1600 Performance PC
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IRS Says Cyberattacks More Extensive Than Previously Reported

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