/Telecommunications Security: An intro to the 10 domains in the CISSP

Fall 2012 Exam 1
Remember the quiz on Tue 10/22!

Security Policy Paper

  1. Write a document creating an organization wide security policy (If you have no clue look at power points for the first chapters or pages 18-22 in the book).  The paper should give me a real world example of a security policy, security standards, and security guidelines for a real business.  I prefer one written for an orgainzation where you have worked. However, if that is not possible the pick one you are familiar with, for instance your parents' business or a University Business School.

  2. Use of the vulnerabilities, risks, threats, and and other pertinant information from our links would be a good place to start.

  3. Given that most of you have never worked on this type of thing in the “real world” this paper is briefer that the those which would be implemented. Work for applicable but brief (maybe 5 or so pages) paper.

  4. Due NO LATER THAN 12/10

The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century
The Post-American World
What Technology Wants

Limit CPU usage of Linux process
Netflix Strikes Streaming Deal With Disney, Gains Exclusive Access To New Titles Beginning In 2016
Linux df Command Usage Examples

Linux arrives on loaded Dell ultrabook
Former spy chief says U.S. has had its cyber '9/11 warning'
Tech & Learning: Top 100 Sites & Apps of 2012

10 cloud predictions for 2013
15 Hottest Tech Arguments
Apple’s Wireless-Charging Patent Might Actually Free Us From Wires

12 things to do with a Raspberry Pi
Bluetooth-enabled stickers help find lost keys and cats
How to Find the Perfect Way to Build Your Web Site (for Coders and Non-Coders Alike)

The Lifehacker Tech Dictionary
Host Web Pages on Google Drive
Syrian Internet Is Off The Air

Security Researcher Discloses New Batch of MySQL Vulnerabilities
Splashtop Streamer for Ubuntu Controls Your Linux Desktop, Streams Video, and More

IT for Oppression
Encrypt Your Data With EncFS (Ubuntu 12.10)
How Software Piracy In Developing Markets Creates New Customers

Apple iOS vs. Google Android: It comes down to security
Cloud computing showdown: Amazon vs. Rackspace (OpenStack) vs. Microsoft vs. Google
Study finds spear phishing at heart of most targeted attacks
PengPod (Linux tablet)
Most Popular How-To Guides of 2012
Why Old People Get Scammed

Visa Super Sizes Its PayPal Competitor V.Me, Adds Bank Of America And RBS In The UK
The Best Navigation App for iOS
Do I Really Need to Worry About My Shared File Permissions?

Netflix Finally Comes to Ubuntu in the Form of an Unofficial Desktop App
Hardcoded Administrator Account Opens Backdoor Access To Samsung Printers
Google Found Guilty of Libel For Search Results In Australia

Tom's Hardware's 2012 Gift Guide, Part 2: For Gadget Geeks
AT&T yet again the worst-rated carrier in U.S.
10 hard truths IT must learn to accept

Yahoo Mail hijacking exploit selling for $700
SC lawmaker calls for independent hacking probe
Ben's Bargains
One-Year Subscription to Discover Magazine $4.99 at Tanga

We suck at security, study says
Viral post won't copyright your Facebook updates
Siri to make automobile debut on Chevy Spark, Sonic

Petraeus Mission Impossible: Cloaking Email, Online Identities
Google Says Government Surveillance Growing
Microsoft accidentally gives pirates the keys to Windows 8

Gmail allows 10 GB file sharing with Google Drive
Microsoft's Ballmer admits drive to tablets was late, but lauds new Surface
Facebook Gift Scams: How They Work
Dropbox app integration could be 'nightmare' for IT
Hacker 10 – Security Hacker
Chrome for iOS adds Passbook features, text encoding and more

AIOS HD Media Center
Quantum Cryptography at the End of Your Road
The Perfect Desktop - Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal)

Tom's Hardware

Top 5 Unresolved Security Problems of 2012

Saudi Arabia implements electronic tracking system for women
Dutch Get “Piracy Levy” for Tablets, Phones, Laptops and USB-Drives
Essential Admin for MySQL 5.5

Your Online Attention, Bought in an Instant
Anonymous hackers 'cost PayPal £3.5m'

How Netflix Distributes Their Content via Cloud Management – Part 1
How Netflix Distributes Their Content Via Cloud Management – Part 2

Windows 8 PCs Still Throttled By Crapware
Five Best Deal Sites
Researchers find Megaupload shutdown hurt box office revenues, despite gains for blockbusters

AT&T iPad Hacker’s Real Crime Was Embarrassing the Wrong People
NYC Police Gathering Cellphone Logs
Automatically Create Evernote Template Notebooks with AppleScript

LulzSec hacker faces 30 years to life
Fedora 18 finally makes beta
Use the “Embarrassment Test” to Help Make Difficult Decisions
With 'Cinnarch,' Arch Linux gets a sprinkle of Cinnamon
Conmen swipe 100,000 Brits' sensitive info in UK.gov fraud
Set Up a Raspberry Pi as a Personal Web Server

Google Blocked In China
4 Long-Term Hacks That Rocked 2012
Inotify: Efficient, Real-Time Linux File System Event Monitoring

Security Videos (various authors)
Kill the Password: Why a String of Characters Can’t Protect Us Anymore
Windows 8 security unshaken by antivirus vendor's claims

Google Foretells Big Switch to Networks of the Future
Encryption in Cloud Computing
How to Snap Top Secret Photos Without Anyone Noticing

Schneier Crypto-Gram Newsletter
Use The STAR Technique to Ace Your Interviews
How to Secure and Encrypt Your Web Browsing on Public Networks (with Hamachi and Privoxy)

Schneier: Free Online Cryptography Course
Ultimate BootCD for Windows
MacGyver IT: 20 tools for hero hacks

Antivirus startup linked to infamous Chinese hacker
Open Source WiFi Router firmware
PCs 'could decline for years,' analyst warns in cutting outlook

The Ethical Hacker
The 101 To Basic Hacking: How To Hack Facebook and Other Websites
New WiFi protocol boosts congested wireless network throughput by 700%
How hackers will jailbreak the iPhone 5
iPhone 5 Setup and Security Guide
Stealing Credit Card Information from Wi-Fi Networks

Higher Education - The Perfect Security Storm
How to Stop Spies from Digging Up Your Personal Information
Email Location Data Led FBI to Uncover Top Spy’s Affair

Welcome to Google Developers Live
Remote MySQL Performance And Query Monitoring
Cloud-based collaboration replaces Office Space mentality of enterprise

Installing Lighttpd With PHP5 (PHP-FPM) And MySQL Support On Ubuntu 12.10
How to Commit Internet Suicide and Disappear from the Web Forever
Evolving security standards a challenge for cloud computing, expert says

The Assumptions You Make About Your Slow PC (and Why They’re Probably Wrong)
Cloud Computing Needs To Embrace the Linux Model, Says Rackspace CTO
An Unknown Number of Twitter Accounts Have Been Compromised, Time to Change Your Passwords

A*STAR unveils 5mm-thick hybrid hard drive, touts affordability and improved energy efficiency
Security through obscurity: How to cover your tracks online
Turning the smartphone from a telephone into a tricorder
Tim’s laptop service manuals
Toshiba: You Can't Have Repair Manuals Because They're Copyrighted And You're Too Dumb To Fix A Computer
Petraeus Case: How FBI Gets Private Emails

WLAN planning: Are enterprises ready for the iPad?
With Millions Paid in Hacker Bug Bounties, Is the Internet Any Safer?
PC security: Your essential software toolbox

Evernote update
'80 Mbytes of storage for under $12K!' and other IT ad favorites through the years
Apple's Future Growth Threatened by 10 Companies in Mobile Market

How to install Google's Chrome OS
How to get revenge
Send to Kindle for Firefox Delivers Web Content to Your Kindle

Researchers Turn The Tables On A Hacker, Infecting His PC With Malware And Grabbing Video Of Him At Work
Make It So: Ubi, The Ubiquitous Plug-in Computer Is Available For Pre-Order
Where The iPad Mini Fits On My Digital Tool Belt

Basic Computer Security
Attack Steals Crypto Key From Co-Located Virtual Machines
Leave Items In Your Online Shopping Cart to Get Random Coupons from Retailers

New Jersey lets Sandy victims vote via e-mail
How to Set Up a Fully Automated App and Settings Backup on Android
How to Upgrade to the Latest and Greatest Phone Every Few Months (Without Spending a Fortune)

Canadian Copyright Reform In Force: Expanded User Rights Now the Law
How (and why) to surf the Web in secret
Megaupload sequel faces Gabon's suspension order setback
2013 IT salaries: 15 titles getting the biggest pay raises
Distance Learning University, The Open University, Repackages Course Materials For The App Generation
Coca-Cola's IT system hit by cyber attack but was kept secret

Passwords are the weak link in IT security
California online shoppers pay sales tax on shipping and handling
Schneier on Security

10 Most Dangerous HACKERS In The World
Yahoo Password Cracker: How to Crack/Hack Your Yahoo Mail Password
Coffee Table Pi

How Windows Phone 8 security compares to iOS and Android
PayPal, Symantec hacked as Anonymous begins November 5 hacking spree
PlaceRaider: The Military Smartphone Malware Designed to Steal Your Life

Hackers Trade Tips On DDoS, SQL Injection
Russian Underground Offers Cybercrime Services at Dirt-Cheap Prices
Yahoo to ignore Microsoft's 'Do Not Track' signal from IE10

Android turns 5, hits 75 percent of the smartphone market
Why you can't vote online yet
QuickLock Is A Better Way To Lock Your Mac
20 Linux Server Hardening Security Tips Top 20 OpenSSH Server Best Security Practices
Available storage on Microsoft Surface RT less than advertised

The Kremlin’s New Internet Surveillance Plan Goes Live Today
Let’s Limit the Effect of Software Patents, Since We Can’t Eliminate Them
12 effective habits of indispensable IT pros

Demystifying Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
    Microsoft Windows 8:
11 Hot Enterprise Features of the OS
Boxee TV hits Walmart aisles today, flashes more apps, guide webapp and 3 months free DVR service

Caveats for VPN users in public Wi-Fi hotspot network
Windows 8: A Win For Enterprise Security
FBI Expands Cybercrime Division

Lookout Mobile lets iPhone and iPad users locate their phones even if the battery’s dead

Online daters, be warned! 1 in 10 profiles are scams
3 tips to spot email scams before election day

Public Wi-Fi hotspots pose real threat to enterprises, survey finds VA Computers Remain Unencrypted, Years After Breach
Why admins should know how to code

Textbook Publisher Pearson Takes Down 1.5 Million Teacher And Student Blogs With A Single DMCA Notice
Hollywood Accounting: How A $19 Million Movie Makes $150 Million... And Still Isn't Profitable

Knowing When It Pays to Upgrade Your Gadgets
Small Businesses Dismiss Security Risk, Survey Finds
Debit, credit card numbers stolen from Neb. firm

A look back: 36 years of Apple products
At Newsweek, Ending Print and a Blend of Two Styles
In Paywalls We Trust: How The Magazine Industry Can Weather The Coming Digital Transition
Network Administrator job Verizon draws fire for monitoring app usage, browsing habits
New DHS Program Wants to See If Your Hand Sanitizer Explodes

Insecure industrial control systems, hacker trends prompt federal warnings
Hollywood studios pushing for secure, next-generation "digital home library"
The 10 Best Features in Windows 8

The CIA de-blurs license plates from outer space. Now you can too, for free.
The Pirate Bay moves to the cloud to evade the police
Sandy knocks out HuffPo, BuzzFeed and Gawker

State CISOs cite insufficient funding, lack of skilled IT professionals in survey
Best Mobile Data Security Products 2011
How to use your iOS device as your PC’s second display

Millions of SSNs lifted from South Carolina database
U.S. looks to replace human surveillance with computers
Most U.S. Drones Openly Broadcast Secret Video Feeds

Windows 8 upgrade diary: a defiantly successful installation
 Universal USB Installer
Pure Space Shuttle Porn (Without the Cheesy Soundtrack)

Roku Adds Universal Search For Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus, Crackle, Vudu, And HBO To Its Streaming Devices
Hackers crack Texan bank, Experian credit records come flooding out
Pandora’s New iOS And Android Apps Get The Facebook Treatment: Listening Timelines, Activity Feeds And Social Sharing Features To Do Battle With Spotify (And Perhaps Apple)

Ernst & Young's IT security survey shows struggle to control cloud computing, social media and mobile risks
Study Shows Why Tablets Could Become The New Center Of Living Room Entertainment
Moglue Lets Authors Create And Publish Interactive Ebooks On iOS And Android The Simple Way
France Euromillions site hit by religious hackers
The geek skills challenge: 10 talents worth mastering
CrossOver for free on Wednesday, October 31 

'Jesus,' 'welcome' join list of worst passwords
Fighting Hackers: Everything You’ve Been Told About Passwords Is Wrong
     Facebook account hijacked? Get a little help from your friends

TTU online learning on campus or VPN to campus
How to Create Multiple Virtual Desktops in Windows 7 for Free
Zero-Day Attacks Escape Detection for Nearly a Year: Symantec Study

Lack of skilled security pros challenges CISOs to fill specialties
Random House Says Libraries Own Their Ebooks, Really
Random House Says Libraries Own Their Ebooks, Really

Walmart Wants Facebook Sales for Christmas
Getting Started With The Raspberry Pi Is Not As Easy As Pie
Sleeping On Difficult Problems Actually Helps Solve Them

Amazon outage takes down Reddit, Foursquare, others
Your quick guide to malware types
People Lose Their Sh*t in Hilarious Haunted House Photos Part Two

Internet providers to begin warning customers who pirate content
Apple Lightening Authentication chip cracked before offical apple release their own cables
Analysis: Most companies won't be early adopters of Windows 8

Could hackers use pacemakers to commit mass murder?
Medical Malware Rampant in US Hospitals
Federal agency to switch to iPhone, drop BlackBerry

Consumer Tip: Computer security scams can come calling
A lesser-known new feature in iOS 6: It's tracking you everywhere
PSA: The Dot In Your Gmail Address Doesn’t Matter

Remote Wipe of Customer’s Kindle Highlights Perils of DRM (Updated)
How to convert Kindle AZW to EPUB/PDF/RTF/TXT format?
Apple Mac Mini unveiled
If You Want to be “Right,” Be Willing to Change Your Mind a Lot
Windows 8 review
The Six Biggest Media Center Annoyances (and How to Fix Them)

How to Break Into a Windows PC (and Prevent It from Happening to You)
How to Break Into a Mac (And Prevent It from Happening to You)
IBM Watson: Final Jeopardy! and the Future of Watson

Turn a Raspberry Pi Into a Super Cheap, Packet-Sniffing Power Strip
FBI Issues Virus Warning for Android Phone Users, Mentions Surveillance Software Sold to Governments
Texas Schools Using Electronic Chips to Track Students, Parents in Uproar

Linux Forums
What “Do Not Track” Doesn’t Do
How to get your first cloud computing job

Google tops study of best-paid software engineers
Windows 8 delivers the goods on benchmarks
Cyberthieves loot $400,000 from city bank account

How to adjust settings in VLC to permanently avoid reaching for the volume to correct for loud and quiet parts in a movie
Horrifying ordeal of man falsely arrested after 'zombie' hacker seized control of his computer and used it to post death threats
MiniFlame Backdoor Steals Middle East Data

As The Droid RAZR HD And HD MAXX Hit VZW, Amazon Drops The Price Of The Samsung Galaxy S III To $99
Install GDM in backtrack 5
Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal available today

Insync is google drive for business
CERN Computer Security Recommendations
PsPing v1.0
AOL unveils Alto, an email service that syncs 5 accounts
Why Facebook should pay you for your personal info
CloudOn expands app to build on 'Office as a platform'

Voter Registration Rolls in 2 States Are Called Vulnerable to Hackers
TalkCentral: Ep 69 – ‘Steve Wozniak interview’
The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To AppleScript

US prepares first-strike cyber-forces
Electronic Arts free game code goes viral on Reddit
Best Buy ready for battle with Amazon on pricing

Google awards $60,000 prize for Chrome hack
Feds closer to filing Google antitrust lawsuit
Raspberry Pi
An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25

UK hacker Gary McKinnon wins extradition battle
JSON, HTML5, iOS: 10 Hot Technical Skills for 2013
The cloud job that should make you think twice

Apple Has Quietly Started Tracking iPhone Users Again, And It's Tricky To Opt Out
Amazon and Apple customers to get credits for price-fixed e-books
South Korean IPTV operator integrates Google TV with its service
As Drone Debate Rages, Police Move on to Million-Dollar Spy Planes
Peeling Away Healthcare’s Sticker Shock
Certificate Authority Security: Seven Ways to Defend Against Hacking

Big Businesses Walloped With Climbing Cybercrime Costs
Going Walletless on Vacation: First Challenge, Airport Security
iPhone, iOS 6 Apps to Monitor Your Network, Find WiFi

HTC Security Flaw Found on Multiple Android Phones
Cloud Will Save U.S. Government Billions, But Security Concerns Persist
Security researchers to present new 'CRIME' attack against SSL/TLS

US judge orders piracy trial to test IP evidence
The Disappearing Web: How we're losing the battle to preserve the Internet
Anonymous Group Hackers Claim Top Universities are Easy Targets

Groupon Gets Down To Commerce, Releases Newly Acquired Point-Of-Sale App Breadcrumb
Big Brother, Now at the Mall
Skype targeted by 'worm' malware infecting Windows PCs
PC shipments to decline for first time since dot-com bust
Microsoft to launch Office for iOS, Android next year
Developers: We warned Apple about iOS maps quality

The Interview Question That’s Always Asked (and How to Nail It)
CV Maker Creates Beautiful, Professional-Looking Resumes Online in Minutes
Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition

Your right to resell your own stuff is in peril
Pirate Bay accused of collecting users' IP addresses
Why America Is Really Worried About Huawei

Researcher finds 100K passwords, user IDs, on IEEE site
USSD attack hit SIM cards and Samsung Android devices
Making Your own Custom Linux Distro

Go Paperless This Weekend
Facebook: The Making of 1 Billion Users
Should You Accept the Job Offer or Walk Away?

Diss Information: Is There a Way to Stop Popular Falsehoods from Morphing into "Facts"?
Group says it hacked systems at 100 major universities
ChromeCacheView is a small utility that reads the cache folder of Google Chrome Web browser

WiFi File Explorer
iOS and iPod: Syncing photos using iTunes
Google, Association of American Publishers strike deal over book digitization

Security flaws exposed at Washington, D.C. airports
Samsung claims Apple patent verdict tainted by jury foreman
Mind Maps: The Poor Man's Design Tool

Sandia builds self-contained, Android-based network to study cyber disruptions and help secure hand-held devices
When Faced with negative situation many of us go psitive
Computer Fraud and Abuse Act | Did the Ninth Circuit Blow It?

New Android Malware Is A Burglar's Best Friend
Saving Android From a Second-Rate Future
Taploid Turns Your Social Feeds Into A Personal Gossip Magazine

Google Says Apps For Education Now Has More Than 20 Million Users
Google Glass and the Future of Technology
Smartphone technology of the future
Neil Young Still Singing the Praises of Better Quality Digital Music
Top 10 ways to Ditch Your Clutter and Digitally Organize Your Life
Evernote web interface updated with better sharing, cleaner look

Sony's mobile website hacked and data leaked by Nullcrew
White House Confirms Security Breach By Chinese Hackers (But It's Not As Bad As It Sounds)
Malicious Copy of MySQL Tool Distributed Through SourceForge Mirror

Facebook Launches Brand Advertising Campaign Aimed At Users In 13 Countries
Facebook Now Lets US Users Pay $7 To Promote Posts To The News Feeds Of More Friends
Sendspace spam mail leads to BlackHole Exploit v2.0

Expert urges security pros to speak out, educate upper management
Which ISPs are capping your broadband and why?
SSH tip: Send commands remotely

California Governor Vetoes Bill Barring Gov't From Turning Off Mobile Phone Service
How do I select which folders to sync to my computer?
Site44 Creates Web Sites from Dropbox Folders, Perfect for Personal Landing Pages and Resumes

US Cellular Galaxy S III update adds Google Wallet support
Opera 12.10 Readies for the High-Resolution Future
Pandora defeats privacy suit over Facebook integration

Security hole exposes Twitter accounts to hacking, victim claims
10 sci-fi films to look forward to in 2013
MPAA Chief Says SOPA, PIPA ‘Are Dead,’ But ISP Warning Scheme Lives On
Google adds coral reef panoramas to Street View maps
Facebook Sells More Access to Members
Mobile retail ramps up fraud costs

Java, C, PHP: 15 Programming, IT Skills That Are Thriving on Wall Street
How to Stand Out in an Interview
Worth Noting: Amanda Palmer's 'Free' Album Debuted At Number 10 On The Billboard Charts

Lock down your social media with essential security add-ons
Security hole exposes Twitter accounts to hacking, victim claims
IPhone 5 WiFi bug leads to giant cellular data overages

Security Comic
WikiLeaks' And Pirate Bay's Web Host PRQ Raided By Swedish Police
If Your Android Phone Is Stolen, This App Photographs the Thief

White House confirms 'spearphishing' intrusion
The Fastest ISPs in the U.S. 2012
How a Secret Sequence of Doorbell Buzzes Can Unlock Your Home

How to encrypt your cloud storage for free
Judge Orders Woman To Delete Her Facebook Page For Typing LOL About Her DUI
The Miracle of Serendipity Captured in a Single Imag

Rented computers secretly photographed users having sex
Researcher offers quick fix for Samsung remote wipe vuln
Research firm discovers new Java sandbox vulnerability

Apple Patents In-Screen Speakers, Flexible Displays And Tactile Keyboards For Future iPhones And iPads
Samsung aims to become key player in digital content distribution through company buyouts
In cyberattacks, hacking humans is highly effective way to access systems

Ladies, how do you "sell" yourselves to employers, colleges, etc
Apple’s Siri Patent Application Hints At Apps Becoming A Background Service Layer
Bad Piggies Is A Hit, Taking Just 3 Hours To Hit The Top Spot In The U.S. App Store

You might be surprised at which Web browser aced this security test
Comics about security
Java Vulnerability Could Affect a Billion Macs and PCs
SecTools.Org: Top 125 Network Security Tools
BEAST attack on SSL

 [VIDEO] How to Root the Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet
IHS: iPhone 5 Costs Between $207 and $238 To Make, Depending On Storage

Security Infrastructure Market to Top $86 Billion in 2016: Gartner
Cisco Beefs Up IPS, Firewalls to Better Protect Data Centers
Get Google and iOS Living Together in Perfect Harmony
Apple’s Stream Dreams: The History Of A Potential Pandora Killer
Metasploit Helpful Tips
Despite a Slowdown, Smartphone Advances Are Still Ahead

iDisplay App $1.99 at iTunes Store
Living Walletless, Week One: My Kingdom for a Bagel
How to root the Sprint Galaxy S3 L710 without increasing flash counter

Ubuntu Will Now Have Amazon Ads Pre-Installed
Cracked! Hacker Claims to Jailbreak the iPhone 5.
How To Find Out If the Web Services You Use Every Day Are Making Money

A glimpse at piracy in the UK and beyond
'How I CRASHED my bank, stole PINs with a touch-tone phone'
Create Ebooks from Wikipedia Articles for On the Go Reading Anywhere

The 10 most common mobile security problems and how you can fight them
New vicious UEFI bootkit vuln found for Windows 8
Surviving the Mapocalypse: Apple's map app careens off-course

iPhone 5 Benchmarked: The Fastest Smartphone in the Land
Recent Developments in Password Cracking
Kindle Fire HD 7-inch rooted in spite of Amazon

Pandora Security Vulnerability Puts Some User Passwords At Risk [Update: Pandora Says Fix Coming]
FTC's Attempt To Broadly Expand Misguided Child Protection Law Will Chill Innovation

Here’s the List of iOS 6 Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks
EU Officials Propose Internet Cops On Patrol, No Anonymity & No Obscure Languages (Because Terrorism!)
Senator Wyden Introduces Bill To Bring Some Sanity To Webcasting Royalty Rates

Pandora Users Asked to sign on
10 hot IT skills for 2013
How to Root Galaxy S3
Critical flaw exposes Oracle database passwords

Your smartphone will (eventually) be hacked
Fox launches Digital HD for early access to latest releases
Facebook Says 'Misconfiguration' Allowed Spammers To Impersonate Users

Backtrack on an Android Phone
HowTo        and     YouTube Video
WiFi Pineapple Mark IV      blog
The worst security muddles (so far) of 2012

Installing Apache2 With PHP5 And MySQL Support On OpenSUSE 12.2 (LAMP)
Why Apple Might Have a Hard Time Keeping Up With Google Maps
What the Drought of 2012 Tells Us about Industrial Agriculture

Why You Should Start Using a VPN (and How to Choose the Best One for Your Needs)
PCI issues guidelines for payment security in mobile apps
US committee grills China's Huawei and ZTE over spying concerns

Engineers build Raspberry Pi supercomputer
Updated iTunes brings security fixes en masse
Computer Hacking/Security Testing with BackTrack5

Users told: get rid of Internet Explorer (again)
Google helps close 163 security vulnerabilities in iTunes
IT Security & Network Security News & Reviews: BYOD: 10 Tips Enterprises Can Use to Protect Their Data

Are SSDs Finally Worth the Money?
Feds Charge Activist with 13 Felonies for Rogue Downloading of Academic Articles
Apple iOS 6 Release: A Complete Guide To The 200 New Features

Got a BMW? Thicko thieves can EASILY NICK IT with $30 box
Customizable Shortcuts for Firefox Lets You Create Key Commands for Anything
Google releases new Java to iOS source code translator

Schneier on Security on Elementary
'CRIME' Attack Abuses SSL/TLS Data Compression Feature to Hijack HTTPS Sessions
Five Best Domain Name Registrars

Secure Passwords Is a Simple Way to Generate Unique Passwords Using a Single Passphrase
YouTube Refuses To Remove Anti-Islamic Film Clip
What does the iPhone 5 mean to Android? Not a lot

Enabling Nessus on BackTrack 5 - The Official Guide
Nessus Download Agreement
Tenable Charitable & Training Program
Evernote For Education: Citelighter Teams Up With Cengage To Take The Pain Out Of Online Research
Google Drops Support for IE 8, Windows XP
Spec Comparison: Apple’s iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

Do Our Gadgets Really Threaten Planes?
GoDaddy declares outage was not caused by hack
The 3 biggest mistakes made by security pros

JPMorgan: iPhone 5 may boost GDP
Pirate Bay Co-Founder Arrested at Airport on Hacking Charges
Chip and pin 'weakness' exposed by Cambridge researchers

Can the Cloud Shield Google Wallet From Pickpockets?
How to Crack a Wi-Fi Network’s WPA Password with Reaver
GoodReader for Good offers PDF encryption, collaboration

Social Networks and Mythology
MPAA Sends Five Key Propaganda Points To Politicians
House To Vote On FISA Amendments Act, Despite Not Even Knowing How It's Being Interpreted

Everything You Need to Know About iOS 6
Forget iPhone 5: 10 Top Apple Alternatives
iPhone 5: How does it stack up?

How Secure Is the Cloud? IT Pros Speak Up
Facebook Says 'Misconfiguration' Allowed Spammers To Impersonate Users
Consumers Say No to Mobile Apps That Grab Too Much Data

Ebook Authors Continue To See Self-Publishing Stigma Disappear
YouTube Launches Its Own iPhone App With Better Discovery, Social Sharing, Music Videos — And Ads!
E-book discounts appearing at Amazon following publisher settlement

iPhone 5, new iPod, may leave some cars in the dust
Postgres 9.2 invites large-scale enterprise deployment
Amazon Blocks Arch Linux Handbook Author From Releasing Kindle Version

Star Trek Tech that Exists Today
Apple's dock connector change is awful, don't kid yourselves
JavaScript Tops Latest Programming Language Popularity Ranking From RedMonk
20% of IT staff admit to accessing unauthorised executive data
Apple iOS 6: Full details emerge
Dalai Lama tells his Facebook friends that religion “is no longer adequate”

Mac OS X 10.8: Mountain Lion review
Taliban Spies Posing as Facebook Hotties
How you and your smartphone are changing politics

A power user's guide to the Windows 8 Consumer Preview
Quantum Teleportation Could Let Earth Phone ET's Home
cnet: Windows 8 review

Stanford Offers 16 Free Courses This Fall
'Warbiking' Is The Newest Way To Expose Your Cyber Security Risks
Unconstitutional Fishing Expeditions: The Massive Abuse Of Administrative Subpoenas By The Government

Amazon Doesn’t Want To Be More Like Apple, It Wants To Be More Like Amazon.com
Tech’s New Wave, Driven by Data
Three Artists On Piracy: Sharing, Disruption And Turning Filesharers Into Your Street Team

Backtrack Howtos
Pinpointing Your Security Risks
FBI’s Sinister New $1 Billion Project Will Track Everyone By Their Face

MyPrivacyAudit wants to keep your tweets from leaking
Tenable (nessus) Network Videos
Backtrack -- Tools in Detail

Top 10 Simple Things Every Computer User Should Know How to Do
Phishing attacks via text spiked this week -- researcher
New utility nabs OS X keychain passwords

Apple Device IDs Leaked by Anonymous Traced to App Developer Blue Toad
NH police investigate breach of prison computers
Backtrack 5 : How to Bypass Antivirus and Hack Window Systems / SET – (Tutorial)
iPhone 5: The last word in smartphone innovation?
GoDaddy stopped by massive DDoS attack
Cloud VPN Startup Cloaks Location, Encrypts Data

Why IT Matters More Than Ever
Get Mountain Lion Hacker-Friendly with This Huge List of Command Line Tricks
Optimize Your Wi-Fi Network with Mac’s Hidden Diagnostic Tool

Lifehacker: How to program with Java
Lubbock Symphony Orchestra’s fall
WEB SUPPORT internship
Mr. Tracy J Boyd -- 762-1688
Parallels 8

12 hot cloud computing companies worth watching
A Beginner’s Guide to Water Cooling Your Computer

Your PC Just Crashed? Don’t Blame Microsoft
China's Baidu Strikes Back Against Web-Search Upstart
Working at the Ubuntu Command-Line Prompt (Linux Nitty Gritty) [Kindle Edition]

Build Your Own Four-Camera Home Security System
Denmark pioneers hi-tech graveyard memorials with QR code
Discover the Power of
ESET Cybersecurity

Here’s Everywhere You Should Enable Two-Factor Authentication Right Now
Drafts for iPad Is a Simple Way to Quickly Write Notes and Export Them to Other Services
Pet-Tracking Security Camera Follows Fido’s Antics Around the Room

Editing Excel files on an iPad
Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales On British Government Snooping: “Technologically Incompetent”
Scientific American: Obama & Romney on Science
High Tech Jobs Are Important, Growing... And Everywhere
You'll be on a list 3 hrs after you start downloading from pirates - study

Five Best Audio Editing Applications
10 must-know laptop computer security tips for travelers
Walmart experiments with iPhone-based checkout

Amazon Partners With EPIX, Brings 3,000 More Titles To Prime Instant Video
Wired: Media Streamers Rated
Why I’m Cutting the Cord, and How Cable Can Get Me Back

Copyright and the Hugo Awards
12 Million Apple IDs hacked, 1 Mil Leaked
Hackers Ready 'Fake' Antivirus Tool

Security Think Tank: Six questions to ask about security and virtualisation
Traditional Publisher Ebook Pricing Harming Authors' Careers
Largest IT employment gains in four years reported

9 popular IT security practices that just don't work
Why Wozniak is Right and Wrong About the Cloud
Trust is ill-advised in a digital age

8 IT Lessons Learned From the 2012 Summer Olympics
How to Dual Boot Linux on Your Mac and Take Back Your Powerhouse Apple Hardware
Khan Academy Launches The Future of Computer Science Education

E-book Publishers Reach $69 Million Settlement With States
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