/Telecommunications Security: An intro to the 10 domains in the CISSP

Security Policy Paper

  1. Write a document creating an organization wide security policy (If you have no clue look at power points for the first chapters or pages 18-22 in the book).  The paper should give me a real world example of a security policy, security standards, and security guidelines for a real business.  I prefer one written for an orgainzation where you have worked. However, if that is not possible the pick one you are familiar with, for instance your parents' business or a University Business School.

  2. Use of the vulnerabilities, risks, threats, and and other pertinant information from our links would be a good place to start.

  3. Given that most of you have never worked on this type of thing in the “real world” this paper is briefer that the those which would be implemented. Work for applicable but brief (maybe 5 or so pages) paper.

  4. Due NO LATER THAN 12/6

JohnRDurrett on Twitter

Linux: 20 Iptables Examples For New SysAdmins Cloud Computing on Resources Page Intel Cloud Computing Security planning guide Cloud Computing Explained:
Implementation Handbook

NSA Spied On Porn Habits Of 'Radicalizers,' Planned To Use Details To Embarrass Them
23andMe Is Terrifying, But Not for the Reasons the FDA Thinks
15 FREE steganography apps for mobile devices
All Cheat-Sheats on one Page

What to Do When Your Water Cooling Leaks Inside Your PC
Apple Patents Face Recognition Tech For Enhanced iPhone Privacy And Automated Controls
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Fed up with slow and pricey Internet, cities start demanding gigabit fiber
Kinect-like technology turns any surface into a touchscreen
Keeping Track of All the Snowden Documents
D-Link issues fixes for firmware backdoor in routers

explainshell: what does this linux command do
Stress-buster: Microsoft bra battles emotional overeating
Your Top Picks: Tom's Hardware Forums' Q4 2013 BestConfigs
Worm targets Linux PCs and embedded devices
Being A Victim Of Revenge Porn Forced Me To Change My Name

Hacking cars' computers could be problem of the future
Docker for linux
Codeweavers: Windows on Mac & Linux
The gentle art of cracking passwords
Amazon to deliver by drone? Don't believe the hype
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Fedora Upgrading
Amazon Prime Air

UPDATE: Encrypt the Web Report: Who's Doing What
Google Takes You Through Middle-Earth, Providing Both An Eagle- And A Hobbit’s-Eye View
Adobe's Photoshop-Lightroom deal open to all comers
LG Smart TV Caught Collecting Data On Files Stored On Connected USB Drives
Security fail: When trusted IT people go bad

Snowden Likely Used SSH Keys to Access Classified NSA Data
Good news, job seekers: IT certifications are hot again
Fake Windows tech support calls continue to plague consumers
Why network security is the foundation for cyber strategy
Education Is Getting a Reboot

Are large scale Man in The Middle attacks underway?
Worm targeting Apache Tomcat servers, possibly for DDoS
US Working Overtime Behind The Scenes To Kill UN Plan To Protect Online Privacy From Snooping
The Best Video Chat Application for Android
Following both sides of the decentralized vs. centralized IT debate

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6 Awesome Easter Eggs Hidden in Programs You Use Every Day
45 Free Online Computer Science Courses
Programming Languages That Pay Big Bucks
God Mode
The Top 7 Technology Trends That Will Dominate 2014
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Google to pay $17 million to settle user tracking allegations
Insecure: Your guide to ethical Hacking
How To Crack A Wi-Fi Network's WPA Password With Reaver

Supreme Court refusal to block NSA data collection not surprising
SecretInk Lets You Send Self-Destructing Messages Over Email Or SMS Right From Your Inbox
Forced Google Plus integration on YouTube backfires, petition hits 112,000
The United States security service NSA has contacted Linus Torvalds with a request to add backdoors into the free and open operating system GNU/Linux
Coin Combines Your Credit, Debit and Gift Cards Into One Gadget

Lubbock ISD Internet hacked, student suspected
11 common interview questions that are actually illegal
Sysadmins forced to CLEAN UP after bosses WATCH SMUT at work
Like online stores, retail stores look to track you while shopping
Microsoft Admits Its Datacenters Are Wide Open To NSA Attacks

Netflix Users In Danger of Unknowingly Picking Up Malware
My Biggest Interview Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)
Amazon Updates Fire OS With Deep Goodreads Integration, Better Enterprise Support, “Second Screen” & More
Can you build a gaming PC better than the PS4 for $400?
GCHQ tracks diplomats' hotel bookings to plant bugs, say leaked docs

HTTP watch
Akira Remotely Controls Computers Using Dropbox
Learn Python The Hard Way, 3rd Edition
Italy Investigates Apple's Hidden Billion
Five More Arrested In Massive Cyber Heist, Which Included $3 Million From NYC ATMs
The 10 Best Tech Companies to Work For
Apple iOS 7.1 beta adds UI tweaks, including dark keyboard setting
Yahoo makes encryption promise, citing NSA spying

What the NSA revelations mean for you
Shutdown Illustrates How Fast US Gov't Can Update Its Websites
How Steve Jobs Made the iPad Succeed When All Other Tablets Failed
Internet security

Hackers compromise 860,000 MacRumors forum accounts

Amazon bashes private clouds, launches virtual desktops
Navigate Files Like a Pro with These Finder Tips and Tricks
Facebook Launches Open Academy To Give Kids College Credit For Open Source Contributions
Schneier: Cryptographic Blunders Revealed by Adobe's Password Leak

Biometrics researchers see world without passwords
They Loved Your G.P.A. Then They Saw Your Tweets
Most of us don’t know what ‘net neutrality’ is, but we’ll be sorry when we lose it
Google: We're bombarded by gov't requests on user data
Education Startup Udacity Bets It Can Fill The Need For More Data Scientists With New Online Degree Program
U.S. missed red flag on Snowden
Exclusive: NSA contractor hired Snowden despite concerns about resume discrepancies
Social trash box robot solicits human help to pick up garbage
CryptoLocker crooks launch new 'customer service' website for victims

You'd Think NSA Employees Would Know Better Than To Hand Out Their Passwords, But Many Gave Them To Snowden
22 Examples Of NSA Surveillance Creating Chilling Effects
The Right Way to Parallel Park, Step-by-Step
Rogue US-Israeli cyberwar weapon 'infected Russian nuclear plant'
The Revolutionaries in Our Midst

This Is Apple’s New Mothership Of An HQ
Surprise! Java is fastest for server-side Web apps
18 must-have Android productivity apps
Yet ANOTHER IE 0-day hole found: Malware-flingers already using it for drive-by badness
Phishers hijacking brands from new markets to lure victims

How Cybercriminals Steal Money
How long do hard drives actually live for?
Scams sprout with rollout of Obamacare
Banking malware infections rise to highest level since 2002
Thousands may be hit by cyber attack
Android smartphones dominate, Windows gains: survey
Manufacturers building security flaws into Android smartphones
Brazil Orders Google To Hand Over Street View Data
CatchApp for iPhone helps managers track what their teams are working on
10 best car apps for smartphones

Windows Vista, Lync, older Office versions under attack via new vulnerability
Berners-Lee: 'Appalling and foolish' NSA spying HELPS CRIMINALS
Want to protect your Android phone? Here's how to kill its crapware.
New bug bounty program rewards researchers for finding flaws in widely used softwar
Another zombie 'bogus app' bug shambles out of Android

Denial-of-service tool targeting Healthcare.gov site discovered
Apple, Google, Microsoft unite against NSA spying program
Network Security - Latest News & Articles
Five 802.11ac Wi-Fi routers not to pick for your home
Crowdfunded audit of 'NSA-proof' encryption suite TrueCrypt is GO

Learn More about Courses from Scientific American and N.Y.U.-Poly
iPad? Shoo! This UK government meeting will brook no spying
You're Only As Hirable As Your Google+ Circles
Yahoo’s Mayer on the Talent Hunt for Tech Journalists (Even From AllThingsD!)
Woz: If I were at Apple, we'd be partners with Google

Trucker said viewing women on Facebook at time of fatal crash
App Indexing, Predictive Services, And Unlocking Mobile Distribution
Reddit: What is the best book you've ever read?
The World’s Languages in Your Pocket (No Internet Required)
How to Use Android Device Manager to Find, Wipe, & Lock Your Samsung Galaxy S3
Best Data Backup Programs For You And/Or Your Business
Two Career/Leadership Lessons from Blackberry
Googlers say “F*** you” to NSA, company encrypts internal network
5 Sneaky Smartphone Spy Tricks
Biggest Tech Industry Layoffs of 2013

Hackers Get Tons Of Detailed Info On Nearly 1 Million Rich & Famous By Copying Major Limo Broker Service's Database
We’re About to Lose Net Neutrality — And the Internet as We Know It
Schneier: badBIOS
The Best Image Editing App for Mac OS X
Here's The Evidence That The Tech Sector Is In A Massive Bubble

Withhold Passwords From Your Employer, Go To Jail?
iPad Air review

12 must-have iPad apps for newbies
Media for Thinking
the Unthinkable

Are Google's E-Mail Scans Wiretapping?
First Google, now Microsoft, taps Texas for wind energy

Confident Multitaskers Are the Most Dangerous behind the Wheel
Aussie Security Research Hacks Music Charts, Puts His Own 'Songs' Up Top
Sync, BitTorrent’s Server-Less Dropbox Competitor, Hits 1M Active Users, Now Available As An API
6 Essential Tips for First-Time PC Builders
Apple Patents Home Automation Technology That Adjusts Settings Based On Device Location

7 Known Issues With OS X Mavericks and How to Fix Them
Google finally tightens access to saved passwords in Chrome
Amazon's Taking 15 Percent Off Kindles Today in Honor of the FAA
Big data blues: The dangers of data mining
Adobe confirms stolen passwords were encrypted, not hashed
Chinese appliances are shipping with malware-distributing WiFi chips
Report: Mystery barge will be Google Glass showroom
Woman gets ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving
Samsung pays Apple $1 Billion sending 30 trucks full of 5 cent coins
How a grad student trying to build the first botnet brought the Internet to its knees 25 years ago.

5 Best and 5 Worst Cities for IT Salaries
Apple Just Ended the Era of Paid Operating Systems
Phone-Hacking Trial Set to Start
Statistical Data Mining Tutorials
Bruce Schneier On The Feudal Internet And How To Fight It

Security hole found in Obamacare website
And then the spec changed again: Developers and their top headaches
Open-source software projects need to improve vulnerability handling practices, researchers say
Cops should be allowed to hack into computers, police officials say
Embattled Snowden email provider returns with new Dark Mail encryption service

Windows XP users six times more likely to be hacked
Meet “badBIOS,” the mysterious Mac and PC malware that jumps airgaps
GOP Rep.: ‘You Can’t Have Your Privacy Violated If You Don’t Know Your Privacy Is Violated’
Web Giants Threaten End to Cookie Tracking
Healthcare.gov sends user information to third parties, violating its own privacy policy

ResearchGate: “Forget About Revenue Until The Network Is Valuable Enough To Command It” | TechCrunch
Peak Oil May Keep Catastrophic Climate Change in Check: Scientific American
Working Smarter with the Linux Desktop
How Your Compiler Can Compromise Application Security
Seven essentials for VM management and security

 How the NSA May Be Tapping Yahoo’s and Google’s Fiber Optic Cables
iPad Air Review: Apple Makes Big Tablets Beautiful All Over Again
The Little French Girl who played with Wild Beasts
Speed and Power Packed Into a Thin iPad Air - Walt Mossberg - Personal Technology - AllThingsD
Dispatch Adds Unified Inbox, Dropbox Integration, and More
When the phone call is more dangerous than malware
Stolen Adobe account data goes public, Photoshop source code breached
Total Recall: Your First Superhero Kiss and Other Secure Passwords
Report says U.S. tapped cardinals’ phones ahead of conclave
Cyber-attacks are the greatest threats UK businesses face

The Verge Readlist for 10/27
Chatty leaders vulnerable to foreign surveillance
Emacs as My <Leader>: Vim Survival Guide
Top 5 Best Web Browsers for Android Phones
How embassy eavesdropping works

Top 20 OpenSSH Server Best Security Practices
The Mobile Device & Network Security Bible: 2013 - 2020
Antigua and Barbuda: The new Pirate Bay?
Can You Click Your Way To Happiness? New Self-Help Service For The Stressed & Sad, Happify, Makes Big Claims
Google fights for Internet freedom with new tools

Netflix Flirts With a New Idea: “Big” Movies at Your House, the Same Day They’re in Theaters
Schneier on Security: Defending Against Crypto Backdoors
Is Google building a hulking floating data center in SF Bay?
Mozilla Lightbeam Helps You Find Out Who Is Watching You on the Internet
Study: 38 percent of kids under 2 have used a mobile device

ATM malware may spread from Mexico to English-speaking world
The Budgee Bot Can Help You Bear Your Burden
Almost a Third of Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatches Are Being Returned
Amazon's Kindle Matchbook Offers Cheap Ebook Versions of Books You Own
Car trouble? There's an app for that
How to Break Into a Computer (and Prevent It from Happening to You)
Using tor to hide an internal server
Backup and Restore File Permissions In Linux
How to play MKV, AVI, VOB, Tivo, WMV, MPG, FLV, F4V on Kindle Fire HDX 7
'Thousands of iPhone, iPad apps' vulnerable to simple redirect joyriders

OS X Mavericks Review: Apple’s Mac Operating System Has A Need For Speed
Is It Actually Cheaper to Order Everything from Amazon?
Even the tech-savvy are prone to compromise
You. Netgear ReadyNAS owners. Have you closed your gaping holes today?
Gov't Contractor Uses Copyright, Fear Of Hackers To Get Restraining Order Against Open Source Developer

Finally, a Bill To End Patent Trolling
4 ways metrics can improve security awareness programs
TSA Security Checks Begin Long Before Travelers Arrive At The Airport
How the cloud is blowing up the network
10 things that scare the bejeezus out of IT pros

    13 IT security myths debunked
The humble USB cable is part of an electrical revolution. It will make power supplies greener and cheaper
REMnux: A Linux Distribution for Reverse-Engineering Malware
Free! Why Apple's New OS X Mavericks, iLife, iWork Pricing Is a Big Deal
PuTTy setup

How Software Will Make Computer Shopping Obsolete DARPA Will Give You $2 Million to Build Hacker-Proof Defense Software
Soon This Kiosk (Not A Human) Might Inspect Your Purse
Carney has no answers on Obamacare 'tech surge'
Contractors Who Built Healthcare.gov Website Blame Each Other For All The Problems
Outline of cryptography
Computer Scientists Develop 'Mathematical Jigsaw Puzzles' to Encrypt Software
Coin-sized Retrievor solar-powered GPS tracking device

Essential considerations when making changes to security
Advanced attackers seen moving to sophisticated hacking technique
Two Florida Students Charged In Connection With A Bullied 12-Year-Old's Suicide
Don’t let mobile malware steal your company data
What Is a DDoS Attack?

Samsung Developing Eye Scanner for  Galaxy S5
New York City To Get Manhole Covers That Wirelessly Charge Electric Vehicles
Awesome Stuff: Hacking Your Car
Crooks 'stole' Experian data the old-fashioned way: They bought it
How Science Goes Wrong

Using NFC, IBM brings dual-factor authentication to mobile
Adblock Plus' new target: Facebook 'annoyances'
VPN Provider Shuts Down After Lavabit Case Undermines Security
ComputerWorld 10/21
Thousands Of Idiots Download GTA V PC Installer, Guess What Happened Next!
US hit by new spying row amid anger in France, Mexico
Digital Attack Map
The Navy’s newest warship is powered by Linux

Insider threats and how they can be mitigated
California's New Law Shows It's Not Easy To Regulate Revenge Porn
SANS: Shortage of Cyber Security Pros felt Worldwide
Should Whole Disk Encryption Software Be a Part of Your Network Security Program
Indonesia Passes China to Become Top Source of Cyber-Attack Traffic

Apple's claim of unbreakable iMessage encryption 'basically lies,' researchers say
Post-Snowden, U.K. Parliamentary Committee To Probe Individual Privacy Vs. National Security
Computer Virus Hits Heartland, Makes Users Pay
What the Internet of Things means for security
Oyster's Netflix-like ebook subscription service

Yahoo to encrypt webmail sessions by default starting January
Rumor: Google Smart Watch Is Almost Ready
Aviate: An Android App Launcher That Changes to Fit Your Day
Rawls Hiring Statistics
Dianne Feinstein Is Simply Wrong In Claiming NSA Dragnet Would Have Been Helpful In Stopping 9/11

Low Orbit Ion Cannon
How Secure Is Android, Really?
Google Fiber now explicitly permits home servers
Security At Upcoming Events In Brazil
Top 30 Nmap Command Examples For Sys/Network Admins

HakShop: WiFi-pineapple
Microsoft reportedly wants to replace the cookie
Microsoft-DS no longer hackers' top target
Square launches free money transfer service
Youtube Security Tool Videos
SysVinit to Systemd Cheatsheet
Wireshark Basics Tutorial
YouTube TrueCrypt Videos

The CEOs Are Wrong: Smart Machines Will Replace Millions Of Jobs
Microsoft's new mission statement: No more computer on every desk
Monterey County computer hack exposes information of nearly 145,000 residents
CNet: Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 review

Chief digital officer IT jobs emerge to bridge IT and end users
Five Habits IT Security Professionals Need To Break
Legal Fears Put Mobile Backups In Spotlight
The retaliation begins: Google profiles get Schmidt-faced
Control panel backdoor found in D-Link home routers

8 most interesting tech gadgets of 2013
Worst data breaches of 2013 (part 3!)
All the Awesome Stuff You Can Do with a Custom Android Launcher
NSA Attempts to Crack Tor Are (Mostly) Unsuccessful (October 7, 2013)
Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus (2014)

The Most Common Home Repairs You Can Easily Do Yourself
Massive MIMO Cryptosystem
Hackers Steal From Aircraft Sales Company
IBM on Watson: Our son, the doctor's helper
Facial Recognition Software That Returns Incorrect Results 20% Of The Time Is Good Enough For The FBI
Lavabit's Legal Fight: Should The Feds Have The Right To Break The Internet's Security System?
Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates contributing tutorials to Code.org education initiative
The Most Important Skill of the 21st Century
To Get Around US Law, The NSA Collects Email Address Books And Chat Buddy Lists From Foreign Locations

After Near-$1B Inventory Write-Down, BlackBerry Starts Selling Unlocked Smartphones Direct To U.S. Buyers
NSA Experimented With Cell Phone Location Tracking Program
Windows 8 Picture Passwords Easy to Crack, say Researchers
NSA and GCHQ target Tor network that protects anonymity of web users
Cisco patches vulnerabilities in some security appliances, switches and routers

London Police Order Registrars To Shut Down A Bunch Of Websites Without Any Legal Basis; Threaten Registrars If They Don't Comply
Study: Most CEOs lack vision, leadership on new computer tech
10 things every new Mac user should know
Google To Be Punished In France For Failing To Pare Back Its Overreaching Privacy Policy
Adobe Hacked, Data for Millions of Customers Stolen

Encryption Tech Designed to Look Like an Instagram Filter
Report indicates insider threats leading cause of data breaches in last 12 months
How the Bible and YouTube are fueling the next frontier of password cracking
The Good And Bad In Chaotic eBook Pricing
15 Technologies The Legacy Content Companies Have Sued In The Past 15 Years

7 Ways You're Killing Your Tech
Retinal Implant Gives the Gift of Sight to Nine Blind People
iOS 7’s ‘Frequent Locations’ Is A Reminder Of How Much We Trust Apple With Tracking Us
Oops: Azerbaijan released election results before voting had even started
National Insecurity: How The NSA Has Put The Internet And Our Security At Risk
Lavabit tells Feds to "Suck It" by giving an SSL key on paper
(2560 characters in 4 pt. type)

Microsoft talks up plans for government cloud services
NASA gets Web host offer during shutdown -- from Russian pirates
High-tech money -- redesigned $100 bill gets security features
The Best Extensions and User Scripts to Power Up Feedly

Spectre of an iWatch looms over the smartwatch market
The Security of Popular Cloud Storage Sites
Anti-Virus Boot Times Compared: Paid Options Come Out On Top
The NSA reveals how many analysts abused its database to spy on their lovers
What the Web Looked Like Before Google

PCmag: Parallels Desktop 9

VMware Fusion 6
How to Escape the Dark Valley of Your Hadoop Journey
With Weak Back-To-School Sales, The PC Market Is Now Microsoft’s To Save
10 encryption tips for the enterprise
Brute-force malware targets email and FTP servers

Schneier: Paradoxes of Big Data
How to Root Galaxy S3 on Mac OSX/Linux/Ubuntu! [Jelly Bean] U.S./Canadian
Hammond’s ‘cyber army’ of hackers and IT experts
September/October Scientific American MIND News Ticker
Sweet murmuring Siri opens stalker vulnerability hole in iOS 7

Phony Web Traffic Tricks Digital Ads
Is that hotspot safe to use? Wi-Fi Alliance wants to help
Shutdown could test IT security at federal agencies
Symantec takes on one of largest botnets in history
With HarperCollins Deal, Scribd Unveils Its Bid To Become The Netflix For Books
My Song Got Played On Pandora 1 Million Times and All I Got Was $16.89, Less Than What I Make From a Single T-Shirt Sale!
John McAfee wants to sell you a $100 gadget that blocks the NSA

IKEA starts selling solar panels for homes
7 Sneak Attacks Used By Today's Most Devious Hackers
Big Brother potentially exists right now in our PCs, compliments of Intel's vPro

LexisNexis and Other Major Data Brokers Hacked By ID Theft Service
How to Develop the Hireable Skills You'll Actually Need After College
More And More Research Showing That The Assumptions Underpinning Copyright Law Are Fundamentally Wrong
SANS NewsBites 9/24/2013
15 iPhone Apps Millennials Can't Live Without

Brazil aims to bypass US-centric Internet
An attempt to backdoor the kernel
Tone Deaf Dianne Feinstein Thinks Now Is A Good Time To Revive CISPA
Slacker Radio (for iPhone)
Pew: 15% Of Americans Don’t Have Internet. 5% Think It’s Irrelevant.

Medical Devices Vulnerable to Hackers, New Report Says
Why your dumpster is a haven for hackers
John McAfee vows to make Internet 'impossible to hack' in Silicon Valley return
Virginia Tech breach exposes data on 145K job applicants
Schneier: Good Summary of Potential NSA Involvement in a NIST RNG Standard

20% of all Yelp reviews are written by paid shills
Data center certification options vs. less calculable IT skills
7 service requests that make IT support folks cry
Apple is a tempting phishing target for scammers
Keeping Hackers Out Of Your Body: 'Heartbeat Password' Protects Pacemakers, Implanted Insulin Pumps From Cyber Intrusion

PC Builder's Guide
Tom's Hardware: System Builder Marathon: Performance And Value Compared
Adobe Photoshop Elements 12
California Car Dealers Go Crying To DMV About Tesla's Website
Russians Censor Website About Russians Censoring Websites

DNS info
Samsung to Launch Flexible Display Phone in October
google: hacking training
Quickoffice Now Free on Android and iOS with Free Google Drive Storage
7 Biggest IT Compliance Headaches and How CIOs Can Cure Them
Hackers in China Attacked The Times for Last 4 Months
Cyber Risk Not Just About Privacy Anymore
Price Watch?

Hardware Benchmarks
Windows Sysinternals

Universal Music Using Copyright To Kill Off Wacky Charlie Brown
FAA to lift mobile shut-down rule
Cancel data sharing deal with US, EU politicians urge
Schneier: Apple's iPhone Fingerprint Reader Successfully Hacked
Data Geeks Say War, Not Agriculture, Spawned Complex Societies

What if Verizon succeeds in killing the Internet?
New features he says will transform Dropbox into the mobile era’s answer to the hard drive
Hacking courses offer cybercrooks tips on how to hone skills
Healthcare IT Security Is Difficult, But Not Impossible
Apple Froze App Store Rankings On Friday, And Odd Behavior Continues

Surprise: Paywalls Cause Massive Falls In Number Of Visitors – And Boost Competitors
The Logic Behind 19 Common Interview Questions
Practice Fusion Lands A Whopping $70M To Bring A Big Data Cure To The Healthcare Crisis
Glassdoor’s Top 25 Universities To Work For (2013)

A daringly priced streamer that doesn't do much
CryptoLocker – a new ransomware variant
Ubuntu's smartphone OS will be ready to launch on October 17th
Spain Ratchets Up Anti-Piracy Laws To Even More Ridiculous Levels: Criminal Penalties For Linking To Infringing Works
iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor hacked by Germany's Chaos Computer Club
BlackBerry Agrees to Be Acquired for $4.7 Billion
Can Surface Pro 2 jumpstart Microsoft tablet adoption in the enterprise?
Surface 2 declassified: How Microsoft made Surface into the tablet the world said it wanted
Microsoft Surface 2 unveiled, launching with Windows RT 8.1
Five trends driving the hardware boom

Complacency: the 8th Deadly Sin of IT Security (Part 1)
Complacency: the 8th Deadly Sin of IT Security (Part 2)
MPAA & RIAA Return To Blaming Google For Their Own Inability To Innovate
Apple’s Fingerprint ID May Mean You Can’t ‘Take the Fifth’
FEMA Grounds Private Drones That Were Helping To Map Boulder Floods

Dealhacker: 3TB Drives, $50 Roku 2 XS, and a Great A/V Receiver
Microsoft warns of IE zero day in the wild, all IE versions vulnerable
China-based hacking group behind hundreds of attacks on U.S. companies
A quantum leap for network security
Meet the Unmagnificent Seven: The critical holes plugged in Firefox update

Intel: The year of the Linux desktop is here
How to Boost Your WiFi Signal
(Part 1): Scientific American

The NSA Has No Solution For The Real 'Snowden Problem' And It's Only Going To Get Worse
How to use body language to get served first at a bar
NBC Universal Funded Study Shows, Yet Again, How Infringement Is Hollywood's Own Fault

Why Apple's 'indoor GPS' plan is brilliant
PCmag: Apple iOS 7
PCmag: Apple Finally Dons Big Boy Business Pants With iOS 7
Apple’s iOS 7 Heralds the Dawn of the Mobile-First Era
iOS 7's Biggest Annoyances
(and How to Fix Them)

The New Favorite Pastime Of The Business Elite
This Gadget Turns Your iPad Into a Powerful 3D Scanner
So, Linus Torvalds: Did US spooks demand a backdoor in Linux? 'Yes'
Dropbox takes a peek at files
Another Court Won't Block Dish's AutoHopper; TV Networks Plan To Shoot Selves In Foot In Response

Virgin Mobile's 'blinkwashing' asks your eyelids to skip ads
Laptop Keyboard Not Working? Here's What To Do
On Eve Of iOS 7 Launch, Apple Starts Letting Users Install Last Compatible Versions Of Apps
Court ruling a warning to companies on workers' Facebook privacy
Code Project: Cryptography and Security

LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman on education: overhaul the degree, not just the instruction
How to protect your PC against devious security traps
Fatal crypto flaw in some government-certified smartcards makes forgery a snap
'HoneyDocs' lays irresistible bait for hackers
I Have to Rent My Software Now? How Does That Work?

Helix - A Linux forensics corkscrew
Basics of Linux system administration: Working at the console
McAfee Reveals Lily Collins as the Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrity of 2013
Chirp Sends Photos and Links Between Devices Using Sound
Facebook And Internet.org Detail “1000X” Technologies They Hope Will Bring Earth Online

Yes, The FBI Used Malware To Try To Reveal Tor Users
Linux Format
Linux Journal
Prepare to cringe: Microsoft's video ads across the decades
After NSA encryption furor, tech companies ask for more transparency
Trader: The Apple chart is “broken”
Programmer Exploits Windows Vulnerability in Cloud-based Services
Microsoft Ends Top Masters Certification Exams for IT Pros

Retailers Fight Exile From Gmail In-Boxes
Schneier on Security: Take Back the Internet

Every Netflix TV Series Sorted by IMDB Ranking
Online Security Isn't Over; It's Just Beginning
How to secure your company against NSA-inspired hacking
How to enact Apache security best practices for Web server security
IT security frameworks and standards: Choosing the right one

Most Tor Keys May Be Vulnerable To NSA Cracking
Legislation Seeks to Bar N.S.A. Tactic in Encryption
Learn How to Pick Locks for an Increased Understanding of Security
4 survival strategies for IT chaos
As Class Tensions Surface, San Francisco Adds More Than 45,000 Tech Jobs, Mayor Lee Says

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom On New Online Education Initiatives: “If This Doesn’t Wake Them Up, I Don’t Know What Will”
Device Security: How Border Searches Are Really Used
How to Create Custom Voice Commands with Tasker and AutoVoice
Linux Documentation Project Guides
Tech Titans And Online Education Orgs Team Up With The Open Education Alliance

NetAction's Guide to Using Encryption Software
Data broker Acxiom lifts skirt, reveals your private bits
Pulse-taking ticker tech cuff to sniff out cash-snafflers
'Hand of Thief' Banking Trojan Targets Linux
Linux Is the Best OS for Big Data Apps: 10 Reasons Why
What To Do if You Just Lost Your Android Handset
HDMI 2.0 officially announced
The NSA Can Beat Almost Any Type of Encryption
Convert Files
Why security innovation will be the next big iPad advantage

Warner Music Reprising The Role Of The Evil Slayer Of The Public Domain, Fights Back Against Happy Birthday Lawsuit
Meet The Sony QX10 And QX100, Smart Lenses That Turn Phones Into True Cameras
Microsoft to acquire Nokia's devices & services business for around $5 billion (Update: due early 2014)
Snowden Leaks $52B "Black Budget" Summary Detailing U.S. Spying Efforts
Hacking Tools

Put Some Earth "Porn" on Your Desktop
Complacency: the 8th Deadly Sin of IT Security (Part 1)
FTC settles complaint over hacked security cameras
Computer Game-Playing Shown to Improve Multitasking Skills
What Exactly Are the NSA’s ‘Groundbreaking Cryptanalytic Capabilities’?

Parallels Student $
Four factors to weigh in planning an analytics big data architecture Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion updated to support Mavericks, and more CloudConvert Converts Almost Any File Type Between Formats
Citadel botnet resurges to storm Japanese PCs
LJ: Time-Saving Tricks on the Command Line
Quick Guide to Bash Shell Scripting
The Best Terminal Emulator for Mac OS X
Encrypt your Dropbox or any folder with EncFS on Mac OS X

Indian bureaucrats may be asked not to use private email services for official work
Snort IDS Sensor with Sguil New ISO Released
Get Organized: 5 Tips to Help You Stay on Top of Your Career
Searching For Files And Folders With The find Command
Security Researcher Discovers Bug That Would Let Hackers Delete Any Photo Off Facebook

Why JavaScript Will Become The Dominant Programming Language Of The Enterprise
DEA supplied with access to vast database of AT&T phone records
Sebastian Thrun And Gavin Newsom To School Us At Disrupt SF
Run Windows Software on your Linux or MAC
Schneier: 1983 Article on the NSA

Night Owl CS-SUNB-4GB Covert Video Sunglasses
Moserware: A Stick Figure Guide to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
10 differences between Linux and BSD
Turn A Webbrowser Into Notepad With A Single Line of Code
Set up your own truly secure, encrypted and shared file synchronization, aka Dropbox clone

Mozilla Gets On The Web Components Bandwagon With Brick
New hacker technology threatens lawyers’ mobile devices
Boffins follow TOR breadcrumbs to identify
Ubertooth – Open-Source Bluetooth Sniffing
Feds Seek Prison For Man Who Taught How To Beat a Polygraph

Boot Loader Passwords
Free Fedora Book
Creating a Good bash prompt
14 Ways to Take Your IT Career to the Next Level
Online Class Aims to Earn Millions
Make Sudo Sessions Last Longer in Linux
kali linux
Nissan: We'll have a self-driving car on roads in 2020
NASA falls short on its cloud computing security
A Data Broker Offers a Peek Behind the Curtain

Ben's Bargains Example
Amazon Has Yanked Its Kindle Listings From the Google Shopping Search Engine
Student Software Pricing
Facebook got 25,000 government requests about users
Schneier: Evading Internet Censorship

Developers hack Dropbox, show how to access to user data
New York Times site hack shifts attention to registry locks
First Bank & Trust
Lubbock Symphony Orchestra
Shrinking Water Supply under Threat in U.S. Farm Breadbasket
How To Disappear When Someone's Spying On You

SANS NewsBites
Simple Lawnmower Hack
Cognitive Networks Partners With LG To Bring Interactivity To Smart TVs
Google+ Hangouts Go HD, Starting With Hangouts On Air
Tesla cars 'hackable' says Dell engineer

Spear phishing led to DNS attack against the New York Times, others
NSA Admits: Okay, Okay, There Have Been A Bunch Of Intentional Abuses, Including Spying On Love Interests | Techdirt
MN Judge Refuses To Throw Out Case Against Citizen Recording Police, EMS | Techdirt
Improve Your Facebook News Feed in Minutes with the "Organize" Tool
Napolitano: U.S. Risks ‘Major’ Cyber-Attack in the Future - Bloomberg
Obama's NSA Panel Is Dead Before It Even Starts, Lacks Tech And Telco Execs
Enable the Hidden "Keep Both" Button When Copying Files in OS X
PCW: Not even long passwords will save you from a hack attack
oclHashcat-plus v0.15
Universities Go in Big for Big Data - Digits - WSJ

I have a SysV init script on Fedora 18. How can I make it start after the network is ready?
Companies Neglect Physical Threat in Cyberattacks
How to use the 25% of the internet that the NSA doesn’t monitor
Study finds big gap about app security between execs and IT staffers
Big Data: The Security Perspective
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Professors Union: It’s Bad Policy To Measure Whether Colleges Help Students
Hackers work out how to block calls and texts nearby via feature phones
Electronic identity cards join the fight against phishing attacks
Data+ Editor's Choice Awards 2013
tripwire: it-resources

1,000 Sys Admins Can Copy Any NSA Documents; Think Only Snowden Did?
Google Palestine Hacked And Defaced Through A Domain Registry Attack
Reddit: Most Epic Book You've Ever Read?
Anonymous Document Sharing Site Pastebin Surpasses 1 Million Members, Keeps Growing
What Happens to the Brain When You Meditate (And How it Benefits You)

Drive Forensics
Hackers likely to cash in on XP retirement
NSA Tapping UN Isn't A Huge Surprise -- But Ability To Crack Video Conferencing ??
Kevin Spacey: Give Users Control, What They Want, When They Want It, At A Fair Price, And Stop Worrying About Piracy
Google Reader Alternative Feedly Opens Pro Access To All

Pew: Broadband Stats
How Surveillance Changes Behavior:
A Restaurant Workers Case Study
Your smartphone is hackers'
next big target
Are Interprises ready for Network Virtualization
PCW: PerfectDisk Professional

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