Current Class (Spring 2017)

          Deitel & Deitel, Java How to Program 9 (early Objects) Code Example     

JHTP 9 MyEclipse Workspace zip Download, unzip, open as MyEclipse workspace

Chapter 5 Diamond Exercise (now uses default package) (Right Click & save link as)

PJS-11a, PJS- 11b, PJS-11c

Class Examples(Spring 2011)

Spring 2011 PJS (04/04/11)

Spring 2011 PJS Chapter 2 (03/25/11) 

Class Examples (Spring 2010)

Spring 2010 PJS Project (4/26/10)

Lubbock At Night

Previous JHTP Project 2/5/09

Previous PJS Project 4/14/09

Entire Spring 2009 Workspace 4/14/09

Wiley java DB example project

Ongoing PJS project zip file 4/14/8 -- Zeus Webapp (will not work unless zeus is in your hosts file)
Java Examples from class 1/29/08, 02/26/08
Java How to Program 7th edition example files
Main struts web page
Brief database setup notes

Misc Previous Examples from Class

Spring 2009 Examples (01/22/09)

Fileupload example (V1, V2)

DailyQuote Project

PJS project from Spring 2006 project for log4j and chapter 8 validator project from ch13 (test)

jrd project for taglib chapters (16...)

htmlParsing Example

PJS book source code
JHTP 6 - Code

Source & Binary JAR files

Jakarta Struts Home page

Jakarta Struts 1.1 source jar file
Jakarta Struts 1.1 binary

Various Documentation

MySQL documentation
Java docs at
J2se 1.5.0 JavaDoc
J2EE 1.4 JavaDoc

Tomcat 5.5

Tomcat 5.0

Struts: User & Developer Guides
Struts: JavaDoc
Struts: tag library docs

MySQL & generic Database Stuff

DB zip for when links below do not work
mysql connector-java 3.1.12
download site for (5.1) server, for the jdbc connector and for documentation
MyEclipse Database Explorer ERD

SQL Intersect Query
Create SQL Tables
Insert Data Into Tables
Insert Data into InnoDB tables
Create InnoDB tables

Simple database application example java file
jhtp 6th 25-25 db example



Chapter 5 source examples zipfile
Chapter 9 (i18n) Example Files
Session example jsp, action, & class files

Data files for mp3Cattle project


ISQS 6337 - Introductory Java

You will find a great may links to relevant material on my general resources page and on the 6337 site

Java How to Program 6th edtion example files

Java How to Program 7th edition example files