ISQS 4361 Homework Assignments (& data files)

Remember to follow the email subject requirements here
If sending projects in a zip file just send the unencrypted zip.
If we have problems with the zips being erased,  I will suggest that you put a password on the zip when you are creating it. 
The problem is that sometimes the ttu email servers will erase zip files.
PLEASE do not rename the java files.  If the classname does not match the file name it will not run!

Homework assignments turned in after the due date are penalized one full grade per week.
One week late the max grade is a B, 2 weeks late the max grade is a C, etc.

HW #1 (Due 3/1, Weight 1): 
Chapter 5
1. Write an application that finds the smallest of several integers. Assume that the first value read in specifies the number of values to input from the user.

2. Write an application that uses a loop to calculate the product of odd integers from 1 to 15.   Now ammend your application to allow the user to specify the range to calculate.

This homework will generate 3 java files.  One that finds the smallest, one that calculates the product of odd numbers from exactly 1 to 15, and one that calculates a user specified range of odd values.

HW #2 (Due 3/8, Weight 1): 
Chapter 6
1. Implement the following integer or float methods:
a. Method celsius returns the celsius equivalent of a fahrenheit temperature.
celsius = 5.0 / 9.0 * (fahrenheit - 32)

b. Method fahrenheit returns the fahrenheit equibalent of a celsius temperature.
fahrenheit = 9.0 / 5.0 * celsius + 32

c. Use methods a & b above to write an application that enables the user either to enter a fahrenheit
temperature and display the celsius equivalent or vice versa.

Please note: this assignment will only generate one java file.  That file should have three methods
main()   Where all input and output occurs
celsius() & fahrenheit()   Which convert the temperature and return the results.  No input or output occurs in these methods

HW #3 (Due 3/15, Weight 1):

Description:  Palindrome -- According to wikipedia "A palindrome is a word, phrase, number or other sequence of units that can be read the same way in either direction"
Write a application that can determine if a 5 digit number you input is a palindrome.  If the number is a palindrome then print "The number is a palindrome."  If it is not then print "The number is NOT a palindrome"
Make sure to use an array in this homework

If you want to do extra and get an A+:

    1. Allow input of any length integer (ie 12345654321 would be valid input)
    2. Allow input of any number of any alphanumeric characters (ie abg345tghtriu8 would be valid input)
//    This is the good version pseudocode
//    create string sInput
//    prompt for input
//    create char array (cArray) and assign sInput.toCharArray()
//    loop to check for palindrome (set i = 0, j = sInput.length()-1, check to see if i != j; increment i, decrement j)
//        check to see if current array values are !=
//            print not a palindrome
//            return
//        end of loop
//    print is a palindrome

HW #4 (Due ??, Weight 1):
Something about classes and inheritance to be defined later
Not going to happen this year

HW #5 (Due 5/3, Weight 1): 

Description:  Create a servlet that will display your name, a brief biography of your interests and why you are in MIS, and the current time & date. Create an index.html or index.jsp page that will call your servlet.  Please note here: the SERVLET displays all the information!  The only thing in the html or the jsp is a link to the servlet!

Please send either the project as a zip file or just the servlet java file.

HW #6 Struts - 1 (Optional not required,  Weight 2)

Description: Create a simple struts web application for this homework

Create a simple MVC stuts application. For the views allow the user to enter a quote that they would like displayed. If the quote form is not empty send back a welcome page with the quote at the top and welcome to struts at the bottom. Once complete zip the project and send it to me.

Brief Project Description (Due 4/10)        NOT DUE THIS YEAR

Description: Look here for brief ideas

HW #7 Struts - 3 (Due ? , Weight 3) OPTIONAL

Description: Create a DailyQuote Servlet

This is a servlet, struts is not required. Use the example java application here to create a servlet that will show a random quote when run.

HW #8 (Due ?, Weight 3) OPTIONAL

Description: Build the login segment of the Reference database.


HW #9 (Due ??, Weight ?)

Description: Some form of database application.


Detailed Project Description (Due )

Description: A detailed description of your project. UML diagrams, ERDs, Sequence Diagrams or any other way you can show me what you intend to do and how you are going to do it.

HW #10 (Due ??, Weight ?)


HW #11 (Due ??, Weight ?)