These are just ideas, if you have one you would rather do, tell me about it.
All assume a java web application, struts, or another language and either static, array based data or MySQL

  1. Create a Kings Park Neighborhood Association web site.

  2. Create a better community web site to replace this one:

  3. Fallas Artificial Grass Company.doc.

  4. Build me an online reference system
    Description: I want to be able to replace my bookmarks with a searchable database of references.
    Minimum requirements:

    1. Access to local and remote sites (id on my computer and on the Internet)

    2. The ability to limit access by user or id or location or ???

    3. Keyword fields in the database in addition to name, url, etc
      Possible extentions for a better grade (you are welcome to make up some of your own)

    4. Import other bookmark files (ie xml, xbel, firefox bookmarks, etc)

    5. Search the filesystem for files to include in the database

    6. A Use Case Diagram of the initial system can be found here

    7. An ERD of the Reference System can be found here

  5. An academic knowledge base
    Description: A online knowledge base for use by University personnel
    Minimum requirements:
    1. The ability to limit access by user or id or location or ???

    2. Multiple access to comment pages (maybe a Wiki)

    3. Forms for entry of links to interesting articles or information, comments about articles already linked online