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Notes from the PJS book + other interesting stuff (last update 3/25/14)
Creating Servlet in myeclipse
Genuitec: Deploying to the MyEclipse Tomcat server
Genuitec (MyEclipse) struts 2 tutorial
Tutorialspoint struts 2 tutorials
Struts Tools Reference Guide
Struts functionality diagrams  (Dead Link)
Struts UML Diagram
Example code from book
ServletContext HowTO (you have to create the addStock Method
Struts 1.1 source jar
MySQL & other database stuff

Servlets & JSP
Creating Servlet in myeclipse IDE
Servlet & uploading tutorial from Matthew Kohanek (Thank you again!)
Sun presentation on servlets and java server pages
JHTP 5 - Chapter 24 (Servlets)
JHTP 5 - Chapter 25 (JSP)
JHTP 6 - Code
Eclipse & MyEclipse
Step-by-step use of Eclipse/MyEclipse
MyEclipse - Struts introduction on the MyEclipse site
Java Modules (jdk9 and up)
What is the program modules in java
Understanding Java 9 modules
Getting Started with Java 9 modules
How to get Eclipse to stop asking to create a module-info java file on new Java project creation?

Various MySQL, Bash, Linux Notes
Where to get Eclipse -- MyEclipse -- Java -- Tomcat

Database Notes

Get Started with MySQL

Using MySQL with Java

Normalization lessons:

UT (more technical)



MySql error message: "Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server"

When using MyEclipse to deploy a webapp that uses a database you must:

  1. Make sure the database jar file is part of your project's build path
    Project-Properties/Java Build Path/Libraries/Add External Jars
    then find the mysql.connector jar on you rfile system

  2. Set the deployment preference in MyEclipse
    Window/Preferences/MyEclipse/J2EE Project/Web Project/Deployment
    and check the box that says �Jars on Web Project build-path�
    Look here for more details

Alternatively just put the mysql connector jar file in: /tomcat-root/common/lib
on your machine as I have on Zeus

Try here for ISQS 6337 - Java -- Class Notes

Other interesting Links & downloads
ssh client
MySQL Admin, Query Browser, etc
MySQL Community Server
mysql-connector 5.1.5 (ZIP) (TGZ)