ISQS 4361 Handouts & Class Information

Required Reading & Downloads

General information concerning required materials, course purpose, etc.
E-mail Guidelines
Simple guidelines to make my life simpler and therefore your grade higher :-)
Course Outline
Current outline of topics to be covered. This will change as the semester progresses. Please check the version number periodically.
Hungarian Notation
This is a standard for naming variables to simplify coding, enhance understanding and maintenance.
Coding Style
All homework programs are required to follow these guidelines. Any that do not will be penalized starting with homework assignment number 3.
Tool Info

  1. Java JDK
  2. Tomcat (7.0.50 released 01-08-2014)
  3. Eclipse
  4. MyEclipse
  5. MySQL
  6. MySQL Connector J
  7. MySQL Workbench
  8. ssh client (v3.2.3)