ISQS 4361 - Web Application Design

(Server-side Java Development using Jakarta Struts)

EXAM 1 Spring 2018 Due by Midnight Sunday 4/29 

Note: Please do not EVER send me .class files.  Send the entire project zipped or the source (.java) files

Genutic: MyEclipse Learning Center

Genutic: Creating a Web Application with struts 1.x

  Genutic: struts search

MySQL - MyEclipse Tutorial with Screen Shots by Matthew Kohanek

Current PJS Project zip

Free textbook download <-- Does not work

ISQS 3345 2010Fall    (Outline)

Genuitec MyEclipseProduct

Java overview at sun --- learning java google search --- Essential MySQL  MyEclipse Tutorials
Getting Started with MyEclipse
---  MySQL Downloads --- Firefox addon Scrapbook