ISQS 4383 - Special Topics Joomla

Syllabus - Spring 2019

Instructor: John R Durrett

Office Hours: MWF 1-2 or anytime by phone or email

Office: BA E303

Phones: mobile 806-438-2049, home 806-687-9028, office 834-0629

Email: Class web page:
  1. Prerequisites:
    A willingness to think and "play" with IT
  2. Supplies: 
  3. Methodology
    The methodology will be on-line discussion, outside research, and project deployment.
  4. Course Description
    This course provides students with the opportunity to set up a Joomla or Wordpress community web site in the "real world" on a domain and hosting of their choosing. There is are example sites listed on the home page.
  5. Course Learning Objectives
    In this course students will gain first hand, real web experience in creating a community web site. Through direct experience they will buy a domain name, choose a hosting site, install Joomla or Wordpress along with PHP, MySql (along with any other necessary components) and add extensions.
  6. A note about the instructor: 
    My basic orientation is toward technology for its own sake, i.e., I am a geek :-)   I will try very hard to give the strategic orientation of the class the focus that it deserves.   If I by slip and fall too far down the road toward technology please tell me.
  7. Academic Conduct:
    The Texas Tech policy for academic affairs applies to all students, at all times. Any student who violates the academic conduct policy will be subjected to the appropriate disciplinary sanctions (Student Affairs Handbook). In absence of evidence to the contrary, students will be treated as trustworthy, honest, and just.
  8. Disabled Students:
    If, for any reason, you have a physical, visual, hearing or cognitive impairment that hinders your ability to write, see, hear or take exams, please advise the instructor of your condition, and provide a letter of verification from your doctor. He will make every effort to accommodate your situation as best as he can. 
  9. Grading policy:

    To get a C you must get a domain name, get it hosted, setup Joomla or Wordpress and create a few pages that are public and a few that require login. Please note that this means get your own domain name and hosting site. Please do not use one of the Wordpress or Joomla community hosting sites.

    To get a B you must do everything required for a C plus: create an interesting, usable web site with: a main page menu linked to new articles in new sections you create including a blog, add users that can view only and others that change SOME pages and install at least one extension.

    To get an A you most do everything required for a C and a B plus: install and implement at least 8 additional interesting extensions.

    For web site ideas look here: 4361 Projects
  1. Required Guidelines