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Cloud Computing on Resources Page Intel Cloud Computing Security planning guide Cloud Computing Explained:
Implementation Handbook

Netflix says streaming cuts piracy
Is Internet Killing the Video Star?
Dutch bill seeks to give law enforcement hacking powers
Is Twitter broken?

Google’s Cloud Is Eating Apple’s Lunch
Install Linux Malware Detect (LMD) On CentOS
Wander Launches Days App, Looks To Change Your Perspective Of Photo-Sharing Entirely
Following Best Coding Practices Doesn't Always Mean Better Security
Spotify Takes a Page From the Twitter Playbook, Buys Music Discovery App Tunigo

iOS app contains potential malware
Websites compromised as Apple ID phishing emails attempt to steal credit card details
Spruce up your Mac's keyboard with wood key caps
Amazon Kindle Fire to go 10-inch
Ex-Employee Busted For Tampering With ERP System

Network World Version

Debian 7.0 'Wheezy' now available, lets Linux users mix architectures
The worst possible cybersecurity breaches could be far worse than you imagined
Build Your Own Hidden Lair with this Secret Bookshelf
There Is No Reason At All To Use MySQL
Former FBI Agent: All Digital Communications Stored By US Gov't

Two-Factor Authentication: Myths Versus Reality
Working gun made with 3D printer
Google's Schmidt: The Internet needs a delete button
Adobe kills Creative Suite, goes subscription-only
Adobe Creative Cloud for Students

The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World
Qualcomm Proposes a Cell-Phone Network by the People, for the People
The Amount of Oil We Can Recover Keeps Growing
Twitter Puts the Internet in Things
The 21 worst tech habits—and how to break them
LSO Internship
Job Contacts from Lance Nail
Brain Wave Sensors
Arduino Home automation

 Moon Landing Faked!!!—Why People Believe in Conspiracy Theories
SANS NewsBites
CISPA Possibly Dead in the Water, New Concerns Arise
Supply chain 2013: Stop playing whack-a-mole with security threats
Schneier: Pinging the Entire Internet

Global CO2 Levels Approach Worrisome Milestone
Coursera To Offer K-12 Teacher Development Courses
How to create a VPN shortcut in OS X
Most Companies Will Require You To Bring Your Own Mobile Device By 2017
MPAA Accused Of Tampering With Evidence In Key Copyright Case In Finland

Girl Geek Videos
Why a Little Bit of Stress Can Actually Be Good for You
Stop Google Now from Draining Your iPhone's Battery
Big Brands Want Ads On Instagram, But Facebook Is Focused On Growth For Now
This is why you do not want a German Shepard Puppy :-)

Spyware used by governments poses as Firefox, and Mozilla is angry
What's the best command-line shell: PowerShell vs. CMD vs. Bash
E-Reading Rainbow: Hachette to bring entire e-book catalog to public libraries
JC Penney's begging ad criticizes former Apple exec
The Matrix Retold by Mom

SideCar Defends Its NYC Ride Sharing Business, Says TLC Protects Taxi Industry
PayPal and Discover expand partnership, will reach 2 million stores by year-end
Schneier: Details of a Cyberheist
Virgin Media launches VIP unlimited mobile plans, starting at £15 SIM-only
Pick The Right License for Your Photos with This Flowchart

Aging networking protocols abused in DDoS attacks
Evernote Food Saves, Organizes, and Helps You Find Great New Recipes
Briefs 2 review: Quickly and easily prototype iOS and Android apps on your Mac
The 7 elements of a successful security awareness program
Spotdox Lets You Access Any File on Your Mac from Afar
This Company Dares You To Crack Its Encryption Software
5 Steps to Setup User and Group Disk Quota on UNIX / Linux
Alaskan Middle Schoolers Phish Their Teachers
PCMag Review: LibreOffice
Google Glass: Let the evil commence

Twitter Plans Two-Step Authentication to Prevent Hacks
Reports Detail Amazon Appstore’s Growing Influence, Revenue Potential
With HIPAA Compliance, Cloud Storage Platform Box Makes A Big Push Into Healthcare; Invests In Drchrono
Bringing people together in Drive
Instapaper Was Just Bought By the Same Company That Bought Digg

Daily iPad App: Quicklytics is the Analytics client that Google should have made
AT&T Details Launch Cities, Pricing for Its Home Security Service
A 75-Year Harvard Study Finds What It Takes To Live A Happy Life
Google: No, app makers, you can't skip the Play Store

Facebook used as billboard for malware
How to Root Your Android Device & Why You Might Want To
Wolfram Alpha Drills Deep Into Facebook Data
The Coming War Against Personal Photography and Video
CISPA DOA in the Senate, For Now

What to Do (If Anything) About a Cluttered OS X Desktop
Mitigating Password Re-Use From the Other End
Man allegedly put GPS on woman's car before burglary
Infographic: Plotting Comic Books’ Rapid Takeover of Hollywood
What is the Internet of Things?

This EULA Will Make You Rethink Every App and Online Service You Use
iPad Edges Kindle Fire to Top J.D. Power Tablet-Satisfaction Rankings Again
And The Highest-Paid College Majors Are…
Netflix to Charge $12 to Make Sharing Your Password a Better Experience
Twitter Is Testing Out Its Official Google Glass App In The Wild
Techmail Email Delivery to External Addresses
5 ways the Samsung Galaxy S4 stunned an iPhone user
Understand How DDoS Attacks Work with These Cool Visualizations
Cyberattackers hack into LivingSocial, 50 million customers impacted
Google Fiber’s Ripple Effect

Amazon Said to Plan TV Set-Top Box for Streaming Video
Judge Denies FBI Request to Hack Computer
University Of California Sides With Journal Publishers Over Its Own Struggling Libraries
Israel Airport Security Allowed To Read Tourists' Email
Aereo Ruling Could Impact Pandora

50 Little-Known Ways Google Docs Can Help In Education
Google's Schmidt to Colbert: I don't understand the Internet
Use nettop command to check per-application network activity in OS X
Why I can't root for Woot anymore
Here's What A National Internet Sales Tax Will Cost You

Amazon looks to move security appliances to the cloud, says CISO
The Best Experimental Chrome Features You Should Check Out
Official: Only 1 Of Iowa County's Computers Hacked
Sprint reports quarterly net loss of $643 million, sees iPhone sales drop by a third
Google joins the FIDO Alliance, supports its two-factor authentication standard

Apple envisions ways to find and start your car with your iPhone
Flurry: U.S. App Audience Now Roughly Equal To Internet Users On Laptops & Desktops
DMCA Safe Harbor May Not Apply To Old Copyrighted Works
Former hosting provider allegedly placed backdoors on 2,700 Servers
Cyber attack briefly shutters Charles Schwab website

EU publishes Google antitrust remedy proposals
Four superlatives for Netflix, which is now bigger than HBO in the US
55% of net users use the same password for most, if not all, websites. When will they learn?
Apple Has an Identity Crisis
China: Cyberattacks Are Like Nuclear Bombs
Lessons from the sorority-girl e-mail rant
ICANN announces opening of Istanbul office as part of globalization effort
Big data can be a big headache for data defenders
Islamic group expands targets in bank DDoS attacks
LinkedIn Turns Its Contacts Section Into A Personal Assistant, With Google, Yahoo, Evernote & Outlook Apps Integration And A Standalone iPhone App

Facebook Voice Calling Now Available To All US Users Thanks To Today’s Android Rollout
Call for More Video Cameras Spotlights Debate on Use FBI Photos of Suspects
ACLU Asks Government to Investigate Phone Carriers Over Android Security Threat
Android Remains Main Target For Mobile Malware Writers Despite iOS Having More Vulnerabilities, Says Symantec

Use OS X Finder shortcuts in Open and Save dialog boxes
Your Car Is the Killer App for Google Glass
IBM In Talks To Sell x86 Server Business To Lenovo
The Warning Signs that You're In a Dead End Job
Larry Page: Google’s Focus On Constant Iteration Will Shift Toward Big Bets Like Google Fiber And Glass

Emerging antiphishing tools use testing, training to educate users
Mobile, Social Newsreader Flud Finds A Home In The Enterprise With A SharePoint & Yammer-Integrated Service For Both Private And Public Content
Malicious DDoS Attack On Reddit Continues Into Afternoon
The Massive Digital Library of the Future Just Opened Its ‘Doors’

Over 700 American Airlines Flights Cancelled After a Computer System Fails
Doodle3D aims to make 3D printing easy enough for anyone, is totally rad
Hackers send bogus tweets from '60 Minutes' account
25 weirdest things in the ‘Internet of Things’
Android versus iOS in the enterprise: A whole new ballgame in 2013

Anonymous Calls For Internet Blackout On April 22 To Protest CISPA
Top Five Credit Myths
Cult of the Dead Cow
Encrypted Swap and Home with LUKS on Ubuntu 6.06 and 5.10
The best of WIRED, 1993-2013

1993 - 2013
10 Google Products That Are Cooler Than Apple's Best
Challenged by Google Fiber, ISPs opt to hasten their downfall
Google's Android Apps Caught Providing Developers With Personal User Information
Apple Locks-Down App Store Screenshots To Fight Scam Apps
Every business should be efficient, but how do you pin down your strategy?

Police Search For Mugger For 3 Weeks, Internet Finds Him In An Hour
SSH an ill-managed mess says SSH author Tatu Ylonen
Growing target in car break-ins: ID theft
Miami judge accuses Google, Apple of using the courts 'as a business strategy'
Google Lets You Manage Your Digital Life From Beyond the Grave

Smartphone innovation: Where we're going next (Smartphones Unlocked)
12 LinkedIn mistakes IT pros make
The Modern Data Nerd Isn’t as Nerdy as You Think
Why We Cheat
Get a Dr. Seuss e-book collection for $7.99

Facebook Home And The Promise Of Android
Facebook's Android App Can Now Retrieve Data About What Apps You Use
10 Secret Features Hidden Inside Mac Software

One More
Give Your Laptop and Smartphone a Spring Cleaning
Top 10 Instant Stress Busters

Dish-Sprint merger may bring new bundles, deals
Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One: A clash of two Android titans
3D-Printed Human Embryonic Stem Cells Created for First Time
Red Hat Launching Its Own Community Distro of OpenStack
Book Review: The Death of the Internet

Boston blasts show two sides of social media
As PC sales tank, what's Microsoft's Plan B?
How to Digitize Your Wallet and Put It in Your Smartphone
IBM executives head to Washington to press lawmakers on cybersecurity bill
Prepare Your Eyeballs: E-Book Subscriptions Are Coming
No, Facebook Home won't be coming to the iPhone
Google Glass Has 12GB Of Usable Storage And A 5MP Camera, Official Specs Reveal
Microsoft exec: We don't need to build a Microsoft phone
Windows: It's over
China and North Korea: A Tangled Partnership

The worst data breaches (so far)
EFF urges court to protect privacy of text messages
Samsung Galaxy simpler than iPhone, survey says
Video Streaming Service Vudu Reports Stolen Customer Information; Change Your Passwords Now
Microsoft Gets Ready to Pull the Life Support on Windows XP

Google Competitors File Ridiculous EU Complaint Arguing That 'Free' Android Is Anti-Competitive
Did Stephen Colbert And President Bill Clinton Violate The CFAA?
Botnet Warlord: Meet the Man Who Will Kill Your Computer
Austin’s Mayor Lee Leffingwell: Being The 2nd Google Fiber City Will Be An Advantage
IT Spending on (Slight) Rise, Mobile Tops the List

Hackers targeting your mobile phone
Why Retina Displays and 4K TVs May Not Be Worth the Trouble
SQL injection flaws easy to find and exploit, Veracode report finds
Newsana Combines Reddit’s Community With Expert-Driven Curation To Create A Better Way To Consume The News
Microsoft leak details plans for two-step authentication process

25000 Books Proofread By Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders
The Software Revolution Behind LinkedIn’s Gushing Profits
Google forms the Glass Collective to invest in eye technology entrepreneurs
Small Company Wants to Make Encryption Key Management Into a Commodity (Video)
IRS Can Read Your Email Without Warrant

Instashare review: Transfer files between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac instantly
Hackers turn a Canon EOS camera into a remote surveillance tool
Password Protect a Google Drive Spreadsheet with This Script
Massive Google scam sent by email to Colombian domains
Dropbox for Teams becomes Dropbox for Business, adds single sign-on for good measure
PCs hit by an ugly quarterly drop as Windows 8 flops
Why Your City Still Won’t Be Getting Google Fiber
Google Street View Hyperlapse lets you animate your trip
How to banish Metro from your Windows 8 PC forever
Use Google Cloud Print to Quickly Save Files as PDFs on Your Mobile Devices

Facebook to become pay-per-view?
Future Firefox to Offer More Social, Privacy Choices
Headless drive thru prank
Nonstop cloud computing price war: Amazon, Google both drop rates again
DHS warns of spear-phishing campaign against energy companies

HBO Go version 2.1 for iOS adds AirPlay multitasking
Linux Fatware: Distros That Need To Slim Down
Fake Academic Journals Are a Very Real Problem
HP to customize Moonshot offerings, offer ARM and Xeon chips
Businesses blow budgets on unused software

The 5 biggest online privacy threats of 2013
Google Uses Reputation To Detect Malicious Downloads
What can InterMapper do for me?
Iowa college says hackers accessed student data
Windows 8's rising security tide raises all antivirus boats

Anonymous Hits Israel with a Massive Cyber Attack, Israel Attacks Back
Secrets of FBI Smartphone Surveillance Tool Revealed in Court Fight
Google Glass (infographic) - How it works
Malware hits businesses 20 to 60 times an hour, say researchers
Facebook weighs in on Home's privacy implications

Google Fiber is officially coming to Austin, Texas
Google Will Spend $84M Building Out KC’s Fiber Network To 149K Homes; $11B If It Went Nationwide
IT gets its groove back
News Corp.: We'll switch Fox to cable unless Aereo shuts down
Intel shows off speedier Thunderbolt tech
Using Linux in a Windows world
Shodan: The scariest search engine on the Internet
Android lessons for beginners (
Tweak the Dark Corners of Your Operating System This Weekend
How to Set Up Your Own Private Cloud Storage Service in Five Minutes with OwnCloud

Feedly: Your full-featured Google Reader replacement
Facebook Shows Off Its Flavor of Android
Ubuntu vs. Mint: Which Linux Distro Is Better for Beginners?
Google's Quickoffice comes to Android, iPhone
Cisco Is Buying Ubiquisys For $310M For A Big Move Into Mobile Coverage With Femtocells And Small Cells

The startup bubble hasn't burst
Apache Foundation promotes development framework Bloodhound to the top
Three Ubuntu Linux versions will reach end of life in May
How to Use BPM to Improve Customer Experience
ISP Advertisement Injection - CMA Communications
Apple's iMessage encryption trips up feds' surveillance
Anonymous threatens cyberwar on North Korea, steals 15,000 passwords
Quantum tricks drive magnetic switching into the fast lane
'Passive radar' could render stealth planes obsolete
Seeking a market for cheap 3-D printers

German Student Defies Google Cease-and-Desist with 1 Million Signatures
SpareFoot Goes Out On Limb, Expands Business To Offer Orthopedic Prosthetics
Illinois Governor Launches Cybersecurity Competition (April 1, 2013)
DHS and FBI Warn of Telephony DoS Attacks on Public Safety Answering Points (April 1, 2013)
Dropbox drops in to help out with Yahoo Mail

Amazon Whispercast for Kindle now lets organizations manage mass app distribution on Fire tablets
Cubans Evade Censorship By Exchanging Flash Drives
10 trends shaping IT hiring in 2013
Tom's Hardware's 40 Top Free Android Utilities
How to avoid becoming a victim of SMiShing (SMS phishing)

Business Analysis: Best Practices for Success (IIL/Wiley Series in Business Analysis)
6 IT Security Innovations to Keep You Ahead of Attackers
How to Get a Can of Soda for Free from a Vending Machine
Whatever You Think Of The Google WiFi Settlement, It's Bad That It Requires Google To Attack Open WiFi
Mercury On-The-Go-Pro enclosure keeps your old internal drives useful

Multiboot Linux distributions from one USB key
How to Make Windows 8 Look and Feel Like Windows 7
DOJ Often Used Cell Tower Impersonating Devices Without Explicit Warrants
Amazon’s Plan to Own Writing and Reading Advances With Goodreads Buy
4-Billion-Pixel Panorama From Curiosity Rover Brings Mars to Your Computer Screen

Amazon Cloud Drive gets more Dropbox-like, adds file syncing
Hackers for good: Uncle Sam is looking for patriotic computer geeks
Three reasons you shouldn't neglect your application security
Google All but Officially Admits It Wants to Be Amazon
Schneier: The Dangers of Surveillance
Build a Secret Compartment, Go To Jail
An Interview with Computing Pioneer Alan Kay
Microsoft Launches Windows QuickStart Kit For Mac Developers, A $25 USB Stick With Windows 8 Pro And Parallels For Mac
How valuable are security certifications today?
Reselling Digital Goods Is Copyright Infringement, Judge Rules

Dropproxy Hides Your Dropbox Username from Public Files
The Best Ways to Be Sure You’re Legally Using Online Photos
Ask Slashdot: Do-It-Yourself Security Auditing Tools?
SecTools.Org: Top 125 Network Security Tools
3D virtual worlds for the enterprise

Microsoft Endlessly Disappoints With ‘New’ Windows Phone Apps
Which Side of This Picture Is Real and Which Side of It Is CGI?
Wi-Fi Enabled Digital Cameras Easily Exploitable
Mac App Launcher Quicksilver Leaves Beta, Packs Easier Ways to Get to the Files You Need
Ask This Question at Your Next Interview to Find Out if the Job Is Worth Your While

Investigating journals: The dark side of publishing
Amazon Woos the Paranoid With Crypto Cloud Service
Most IT Admins Have Considered Quitting Due To Stress
Your password, Bond: Insecure
Largest DDoS In History Reaches 300 Billion Bits Per Second

Portuguese media outlets demand Google pay for links, news leads
Review: Create stunning websites in minutes for free with Tackk
All Things D
Store Charging Patrons $5 For ‘Just Looking’, To Offset Losses From Internet Shoppers
Google Launches Maps Engine Lite, Makes It Easy To Create Advanced Custom Maps
2.11. Installing MySQL on Mac OS X
More Apps Coming to Cars, but They’re Still Miles From Perfection
Google Express
Communist Chinese media mouthpiece bashes Apple again
Google Gives Tablet Video Viewers A Taste Of Its Knowledge Graph With Play Movies & TV Update

Microsoft Releases 2012 Law Enforcement Requests Report
New OS X Trojan Adware Injects Ads Into Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Apple Adds Two-Factor Authentication to Apple ID, Here’s How to Set It Up
Schneier: When Technology Overtakes Security
IT versus Angry Birds: Time to stop being the pig

Before You Make A Major Purchase, Think of Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t
LG Is Also Said To Be Building A Smartwatch And Google Glass Competitor, As Is Everyone
Google Reportedly Making a Smartwatch, Too
The Best Cloud Storage Service
Honda and Audi show the future of driving at Nvidia conference

Mac Remote Controls Your Mac from the Comfort of Your Android Phone or Tablet
A 50 Gbps Connection With Multipath TCP
Next cyber attack targets: Cars?
Don't Glass and drive -- lawmakers seek to ban Google Glass on the road
Ask Slashdot: Simplifying Encryption and Backup?

Doctor Who Returns: Here’s a Quick Guide for New Viewers
Straight Talk on Security
How I became a password cracker
Massachusetts May Try To Tax the Cloud
SpotLite GPS lets you find your dog with an iPhone

SEC504: Hacker Techniques, Exploits & Incident Handling
5 Most Dangerous New Hacking Techniques
Insync, A Google Drive Client For Power Users & Businesses, Exits Beta With Pro Features & Pricing Plans
Should Congress really be allowed to work at home full time?
Congress Backs Borderless Internet Sales Tax (And So Does Amazon)
Three trends that change business: Mobile, Social and Cloud
Rules of cyberwarfare manual: Hacktivists can be killed, hacking pacemakers may be OK
A message from everyone to IT workers
Hackers in China Attacked The Times for Last 4 Months
Top Ten Web Hacking Techniques of 2012

Unwanted Electronic Gear Rising in Toxic Piles
How Apps Are Reordering The Jobs Landscape
Schneier: FinSpy
Samsung VP confirms work on a watch, among other future products
Evernote Food for iOS now lets you share recipes, adds support for OpenTable reservations

Internet Defense League To Be Deployed Against CISPA
Rising cyber nationalism leads to amplified cyber mistrust
NYT: ABC crafting live streaming app for tablets, phones
Turns Out Some People Do Hate Amazon

Amazon to delve into web TV
Library Of Congress Hoping To Cut Through Tangled Copyright Laws In Order To Archive Historic Sound Recordings
Researchers find cloud storage apps leave files on smartphones
Wireless providers would be required to capture and store Americans' confidential text messages
Best Security Tips for Safer Google Chrome Browsing

KDE Releases Plasma Media Center 1.0
Amazon’s ‘Send to Kindle’ Button Takes Aim at Read-It-Later Services
Walmart expands iPhone 'Scan & Go' app to 200 stores
Google Launches 'Keep' To Rival Evernote
For one hour you are no longer bound by any law, what do you do?
Fedora Core 18 Problems
SCADA honeypots attract swarm of international hackers
From the Flying Car to the Giant R2-D2: The Greatest MIT Hacks of All-Time
Visa Adds, Its Biggest Retail Catch Yet, To Its Digital Wallet
Macmillan Buys Late Nite Labs To Help Bring Virtual Science Labs To Higher Ed

Transfer Google Reader Starred Items To New Account Without Any Script
Why VMware's hybrid cloud announcement could be a big deal
Why I Stopped Pirating and Started Paying for Media
Microsoft Wants Students To Give Office A Try, Gives Them Up To 6 Free Months Of Office 365, 20GB Of Extra SkyDrive Storage
Your Top Picks: Tom's Hardware Forums' Q1 2013 BestConfigs

How to Avoid the Natural Reactions that Prevent Good Decision Making
How a Bad Mood Affects Your Moral Decisions
Mozilla launches Open Badges 1.0, delivers virtual kudos for real skills
Top 8 Cloud Related Skills Employers are Demanding
Samsung Galaxy S 4 Beats The Best With 5-inch, 1080p Display, 1.9GHz Processor, Gesture Controls And A Q2 2013 Release

Details Come Out On US Attorneys Withholding Evidence In Aaron Swartz Case
CBS launches full-episode streaming for iPad, iPhone
Random House Rescinds Controversial E-Book Contract After Online Outrage
How Search Is Evolving — Finally! — Beyond Caveman Queries
US Cyber Command Discloses Offensive Cyberwarfare Capabilities

Instantly Hide Any File in OS X by Putting It In Your Library Folder
Big Brother Camera Security for iOS is back after App Store ban
Feds: No Warrant Needed to Track Your Car With a GPS Device
Bill Gates: capitalism means male baldness research gets more funding than malaria
Nationalism on the Internet

Google Glass app can identify people by their clothes
Verizon looks to turn TV fee rules on their head
The Internet is a surveillance state
CCTV Hack Takes Casino For $33 Million
How to Boot Into Linux from Your Android Phone
Google Readers users migrating to Feedly
Is Converged Infrastructure the Future of the Data Center?
Bill would force agencies to take proactive security approach
Apple's misleading warranties must be punished, says EU Commissioner
iPhone 5S will bring back 'one more thing,' analyst says

Is Your User Content Online Legally Yours? When is your data not your data? When it's in the cloud
10 Tech things guaranteed to stress you out
Getting Security Incentives Right
New class of industrial-scale super-phishing emails threatens biz

More Americans Working Remotely
Google strikes deal with Warner Music for streaming services
Google's Foray into home delivery is a sideshow to the real war with Amazon
Best Buy Follows Yahoo in Banning Remote Work
Google Says the FBI Is Secretly Spying on Some of Its Customers

Microsoft Adds Android Support To Windows Azure Mobile Services
Global Free Internet Act Introduced In Congress
Time Warner Cable's TWC TV app is now streaming on Roku
Java malware spotted using stolen certificate
Same day as latest patch

Notes on Steve Jobs shelved in e-books antitrust case

Best Buy’s Deal of the Day Ad Uses (GASP!) a Jailbroken iPad
Porn on mobile spreads with new tricks
Evernote plans two-factor authentication following last week's hack
Ben's Bargins: How to Argue eBook $0 Keen On… Rhapsody: How Streaming Is Radically Reinventing The Music Industry

Get the most out of Google+
Facebook Details the Software Engineering Behind Graph Search
Ahead Of SXSW, Highlight Adds New Photo Features And A Map View To See People And Places Nearby Your SXSW Survival Guide Apache Tomcat 6 Installation on OS X 10.7 Lion and Eclipse Integration
Chrome, Firefox, IE 10, Java, Win 8 All Hacked At Pwn2Own
Killer open source admin tools
Roku 3 Raises the Bar for Set-Top Streamers
These Smithsonian Photo Contest Finalists Are Each Stunning in Totally Different Ways
How to Blunt Spear Phishing Attacks

“We Need a Plan B for the Internet,” Warns Internet Pioneer Danny Hillis
Coming to an e-book or car near you: The Web
IBM Makes a Big Bet on OpenStack in the Cloud
Patriot launches AERO wireless storage device and media hub for mobile data hogs
Amazon Takes More Steps Toward Building A Mobile Ad Network With An API In Beta

What to Do After You’ve Been Hacked
Cool User File Systems, Part 1: SSHFS
Google Maps for iPhone Update Adds Contacts Integration
New Internet Porn Scam
Technologies of Surveillance

How secure is your smart phone? 5 ways to keep a smartphone secure
Criticism Of Copyright Alert System Mounts
Files Is An Incredibly Simple Yet Powerful File Manager for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Japanese Law Enforcement Uses New Copyright Law To Arrest 27 File Sharers
Bank of America Hacked By Anonymous: Hackers Leak ‘Secrets’ About Executives, Salaries, And Spy Activities

VMware’s Top Executives Attack Amazon, But The Cries Are Hollow At Best
Build an Attractive Monitor Shelf With Ikea Parts
Switched On: A 4K in the road
Are we now living in a post-crypto world?
Safari blocking outdated Flash plug-ins due to security holes

Webmail war: Gmail vs. vs. Yahoo Mail
Jumping Ship from iPhone to Android: A Switcher’s Guide
The world is better off with Best Buy alive than dead
Cloud use grows and so does the security threat
Easy App Toolbox Backs Up Your Android Apps for Free
Need to lend your key? E-mail it, Fraunhofer says
How to install Google Play Store apk & Launcher on Kindle Fire HD/2
[ROOT] How To: Root the Kindle Fire 7" HD or 2 with Linux/MAC - Noob (Simple) Version
Nova Launcher
State Rep. Says Biking Is Not Earth Friendly Because Breathing Produces CO2

New York Times now serving up 15 free articles a day to Starbucks patrons
First Debian/Ubuntu Bootable ARM64 Images Released
Another iOS 6.1 Bug Allows Thieves to Bypass Your Lock Screen
Apple Is Beta-Testing An Update That Kills Evasi0n Jailbreak
DoJ Admits Aaron Swartz's Prosecution Was Political

Wikipedia Will Soon Be Available Via Text Messages
Amazon launches Cloud Player app for iPad, iPad Mini
Guess How Many Files Are Uploaded to Dropbox Every Day
Cloud Storage Face-off: Dropbox vs Google Drive vs SkyDrive

2013 Best Online Storage Service Comparisons and Reviews
Pick a Bundle Lets You Choose 10 Mac Apps for $49.99

Bug In Kindle Update For iOS Deletes Users’ Entire Library, Amazon Warns Users Not To Update
The Chromebook Pixel Is The Most Brilliant Laptop You’ll Never Buy
10 LinkedIn Tips to Boost Your Networking Success
Google flaw exposes weakness in two-factor authentication
Chinese hacker attacks risk fuelling cyber arms race, warns Bruce Schneier

Sony releases Firefox OS software for developers
Amazon Kindle Fire: 10 Factors That Explain Its Surprising Popularity
Watch Zuck, Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey, & Others In Short Film To Inspire Kids To Learn How To Code
How to Combine Multiple Hard Drives Into One Volume for Cheap, High-Capacity Storage
A Password You Wear on Your Wrist
Pimps hit social networks to recruit underage sex workers
Yahoo defends no-work-at-home policy
The hottest gadgets at world's biggest mobile technology show
Federal judge orders Apple to pay $363K daily to patent-holding firm VirnetX

Why Marissa Mayer Told Remote Employees To Work In An Office ... Or Quit
Why Working Remotely Needs To Make a Comeback
Mobile World Congress Trends: HP’s First Android Slate and a Firefox OS For Businesses, the College Degree Is the New High School Diploma
Advice I Wish Someone Had Given Me for My First Job

Nvidia Tegra 4 Benchmark Results
Why all that hacking news might not be so bad
Why Local Commerce Will Be Larger Than E-Commerce For The Next Decade, An Analysis
Barnes’s Chairman Mulls Store Buyout

red laser Android app
traffic light changer
Step inside the real world of compulsive hoarders
Amazon May Seem Unstoppable, But Google Is Powering the Counterattack
Linus Torvalds Explodes at Red Hat Developer

Eyeing An IPO, Box Doubles Down On Device, Content And Login Security For Cloud Storage Platform
Early Lessons From New Zealand's 'Three Strikes' Punishments
ABC’s Handling Of Oscars’ Online & Mobile Streaming May Set Precedent For Future “Event TV” Airings
AssistantEnhancer Adds a Ton of New Commands to Siri
Survey Anecdote Suggests We Have No Idea What’s Going On At Google+

Linux Professionals Receive Higher Salaries: Dice
Get lost in a stunning 320-gigapixel image of London
The first real, high-resolution, user-configurable bionic eye
NASA’s cold fusion tech could put a nuclear reactor in every home, car, and plane
Visa, Samsung Ink NFC Deal, Galaxy S IV First In Line For Deep Integration; ROAM Is Visa’s First ‘Ready’ Mobile Payment Partner
Google looks for Glass explorers, shows off functionality
Report: Eastern European gang hacked Apple, Facebook, Twitter
China's Cyber-War Against U.S. IT Assets Demands a Strong Response
The Apple stock suit: What it all means
Don't get Apple picked: How to protect your Mac from theft in public places

Five Best System Rescue Discs
Best Buy Confirms Price-Matching Policy Change With “Low-Price Guarantee”
KDE's Aaron Seigo Bashes Ubuntu Phone
Kevin Mitnick Helping Secure Presidential Elections In Ecuador
Android Truecrypt compatible app EDS Lite

The Rich See a Different Internet Than the Poor
How I Went From 1,000 Emails to Inbox Zero (and Stayed There) with Mailstrom
Google’s Consolidated Privacy Policy Draws Fresh Fire In Europe
Google looks to cut funds to illegal sites
Project Gutenberg Adds Dropbox Support, Perfect for Syncing to All Your Devices

Canadian Court Rules You Have the Right To Google a Lawyer
The ‘One’ Is a Huge Step Forward for HTC
HTC One Busts the Megapixel Myth With ‘UltraPixels’
European Copyright Society Says Hyperlinks (And Framing) Should Not Be Infringing
Sunrise Brilliantly Redefines Calendar Apps On iOS

Goodbye Hotmail, hello Outlook
New report says cyberspying group linked to China's army
Meet Mandiant, the company pulling the covers off alleged Chinese hackers
Microsoft to deliver Lync-Skype integration in June
Run Full Windows Applications on Your Windows RT Tablet
A keyboard that rises up from flat touch screens
Google removes asteroid doodle before you can see it
PlayStation 4 to stream games in real time over Net, says report
Burger King Twitter account hacked, defaced
Apple's search for its next billion-dollar product

Questions remain about Nvidia's traction in mobile
Pay Attention to Your Job Interviewer’s Demeanor to Stand Out
Reasons You're Not Getting Interviews; Plus Some Crazy Real Resume Mistakes
Retail Copies of Office 2013 Are Tied To a Single Computer Forever
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ophcrack Rainbow tables
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Hackers access Federal Reserve website, data
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Microsoft Surface Pro
Don’t Call It a Tablet

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Dell goes private in $24.4 billion deal, including $2 billion loan from Microsoft
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How Amazon Could Save the U.S. Postal Service
A giant radio telescope, a small school and a Wi-Fi problem
RIAA copyright takedown requests to Google reach 10 million
Amazon patents way for you to sell your digital items
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Microsoft is attacking Gmail for tactics it uses itself
Linux Forums
Cerberus Android app
Researchers Opt To Limit Uses of Open-access Publications
Rich Countries Suffer Less Malware, Says Microsoft Study

House Of Representatives Bans Spotify Because P2P Tech Must Be Evil!!
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Honda adding 'Eyes Free' Siri integration in some 2013 cars
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(Fedora 18)

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Researchers Achieve Storage Density of 2.2 Petabytes Per Gram of DNA
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Court Says You Can’t Ban Sex Offenders From Social Networks
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Bad bad bad

IT Admins and Security Auditors
Cable Industry Finally Admits That Data Caps Have Nothing To Do With Congestion
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