Interesting links for mostly serious reasons

  This site is no longer maintained and has broken links.
I have started using a pinboard account (June 2013) where stuff I like is linked.
Application Docs
Installing Tomcat 6 on Mac OS X (1/19/11)
Apache 1.3.23 pdf
Apache 2.0.47 dev pdf 2.2 Doc link
Linux (files, articles, & misc)
Top 20 OpenSSH Server Best Security Practices
TTU Ubuntu Wi-Fi Settings
Interactive Linux kernel map
Linux: A Getting-Started Guide (2/2012)
Fedora Core 7 through current docs
Grub 2 -- Ubuntu
The GRUB Boot Loader 1.9?
Linux Init Process / PC Boot Procedure
A Detailed Look at the Boot Process (pre systemd)
systemd -- Fedora wiki
Fedora 11 Cheet Sheet
Installing Fedora Core 6
Linux Distro Timeline -- Not perfect but cool!
Comparison of Linux distributions
BA 354 - Lab Notes
4+ Ways to Run Windows Software on Linux
X Windows How-To from tldp Good!
Get Desktops in line
Get KDE & Gnome menus in line
firewall script
router script (no /bin/bash)
How to create a Live USB
Remote X apps mini howto
Misc interesting files I have found useful (broken)
Win 2k, WinNT, Linux dual boot
Fedora Core 2: rc.sysinit
Fedora Core 2: rc
How would Torvalds pronounce Linux
iptables tutorial
Like Geeks: Secure Linux Server --- iptables examples
IT General Reference
Smart Force online training
Newsreader how-to
Texas Tech VPN client on Ubuntu Linux
TTU Wireless

Interesting Papers & Other Links
The Myths of IT (InfoWorld 8/16/4)
The Future of Jobs (WSJ 4/2/4)
2004 Compensation Survey (InfoWorld 6/14/4)
The Death of IT (InformationWeek 8/2/4)
New Regulations & IT Strategy (InfoWorld 8/9/4)
Enterprise Careers: 1999 InfoWorld Survey
An Interesting java-based educational Portal
Mark's Watercooled SSD Specs
How-Tos & Student Links from Instapaper
Instapaper stuff I like is tweeted by @JohnRDurrett
I also have a pinboard account where stuff I like is linked

Using Bash To Output To Screen And File At The Same Time
How to Roll Your Own Drag-and-Drop File Sharing Service
How to use your iPad or iPhone as a second monitor
Wilderness Survival Skills Everyone Should Know
AssistantExtensions Is an All-In-One Siri Hack Manager
The Best Jailbreak Apps for iOS 5 (2/1/12)
De-Mystifying : The Registry, DLLs, and More Explained
How To Install Siri on iPad 2 -Video
My Top 10 Jailbreak Tweaks (1/28/12 not by me)
Everything You Thought You Knew About Learning Is Wrong
Remove Unnecessary System Preferences Icons in OS X
How to Boost Your Reading Comprehension
Add a Custom Message to Your Mac OS X Login
Securing Your Network and Optimizing Your Router
How to Build a (Nearly) Hack-Proof Password System
Evi one-ups Siri for iOS and Android (1/23/12)
Install A Hard Drive Or SSD In Your Notebook's Optical Bay
7 Things I Learned From Building My First Desktop PC
Deleting Files Within Lion's Applications Folder
Guide to Jailbreaking Your iOS 6.1.2 Gadget (2/4/13)
Convert JavaScript Bookmarklets into Chrome Extensions
Lion Recovery Mode
iMac G5: How to Reset the SMU
MiniPwner Is a Cheap Penetration Tester and Portable Wi-Fi Node
Installing Apache2 With PHP5 & MySQL on Fedora 16 (LAMP)
7 Essential CSS3 Tutorials (1/15/12)
How to Crack a Wi-Fi Network’s WPA Password with Reaver
35 MacGyver Tips, Clever Uses, & Other Life Hacks in One Infographic
Encrypted Filesystem for Mac OS X
EncFS 1.7.4 installer for Mac OS X available
How & Why to Root your Android: 15 Worthwhile Apps 8/25/11
Code Diagrams & Other Coding Stuff
Java, Java Script, Design Patterns Reference -- via eRaider
-- ASP & JSP --
How JSP compares with ASP
ASP - PHP - JSP which is better Q&A (2008)
-- Ruby --
Ruby for Beginners
-- Python --
Python Programming Language – Official Website
The Python Tutorial
MyEclipse Python Plug-in HowTo

Quick Reference Cards
Techtarget Various Cheat Sheets
Various Quick Reference Diagrams
Fedora 11 Cheet Sheet
Subnetting Tables
Linux Quick Ref
TCP - OSI Applications
IP Address classes
IRQ Assignments
Important RFCs
RedHat Quick reference card
Bash quick reference card (Excel) (pdf)
DZone: links for developers

Lifehacker: Most Popular How-To Guides of 2012
Powerpoint (odt) (doc)
Programming Tutorials & Resources from onlinecompftersciencdegree
TTU campus only online learning (or VPN)

Synergy / QuickSynergy How-To
Colleges With Design Degree Programs
The 40 Most Popular Tools For Your System Admin Bag
Humor of the Day (11/11/2009)
Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning
Video How-Tos

Interesting files/utilities/downloads/Sites etc

(Some are really old :)

Lots of Cool Windows Tweak Software
FinePrint a multi-page printing utility, and and pdf creator, for Windows
Babel, Version 99A
X-Setup a Windows Config tool that is really nice
VirtualBox a nice, open source virtual machine
NoMachine various remote connectivity tools
Evernote a good way to manage notes on many gadgets
Truecrypt Multi OS encryption utility, NICE!
EncFS The linux & OSx one I use
OS x
More Mountain Lion Command Line Tricks
Installing Tomcat 6 on Mac OS X (1/19/11)
Installing MacPorts 
Handy Mac OSX Command Line Tricks
Ten OS X Command Line Utilities you might not know about 
use the show all link to get the backend
Cyberduck -- the best ssh gui I can find for Lion 
Course Information
ISQS 4382 & ISQS 5382 howto
e-mail formatting requirements
Software Download Site
Interesting Articles
Lot of Links 4385 (Spring)
Lots of Links 3360 (Fall)
Dr John's RSS
usn&wr:10 Best Places for Tech Jobs (9/2009)
RSS -- A Little dated in spots
JRD rss page
8 Google Reader / iGoogle alternatives
Using rss news feeds

Security  &  Networking
SecTools.Org: Top 125 Network Security Tools
Review: OpenPuff steganography tool
Hacker 10 – Security Hacker Security Tutorials
The Ethical Hacker
20 Linux Server Hardening Security Tips
Backtrack Howtos
Book Review: Practical Packet Analysis, 2nd ed
IP Subnetting    Tutorial     Ref    Wikipedia            TCP/IP Reference
Non-Routable (Private) IPs
Truecrypt Multi OS encryption utility, NICE!
EncFS The linux one I use
Encryption Guide from
Encryption Learning Center (RecordNations')
IW: Beware the Cool factor Danger Zone (3/05)
Cisco Security Glossery
Danger Zone: how dangerous is the Internet (8/25/03)
ipchains path
ptables path
Thawte Guide to SSL Security for Apache Web Server with a Thawte Digital Certificate
.ufw example how-to
Some Great Security Videos
Security fail: When trusted IT people go bad
telnet 80

Security Videos (Lots of security links)  ?????
Tenable Network Videos
The Duhs of Security (13:04 min)
Security Threats for Smart Phone Users
Hacking Tip: Recover Windows Passwords
Bump Key HOWTO
7 Things Every CEO Should Know About Information Security
The State of Database Security
Database Security Superheros
Wireless WEP Key Hacking 
Cisco - Security Training Video 
Some Great Security Videos  ?????
Wireless Security  
TrueCrypt Tutorial (high res 12:36min) 
Cloud Computing
Wikipedia Overview 
InfoWorld: What cloud computing really means 
howstuffworks:  How Cloud Computing Works
PC Mag:  What Is Cloud Computing?
IBM cloud computing Rethink IT 
Rackspace Hosting:  What is Cloud Computing?
Intel: Cloud Security Planning Guide 
Cloud Computing Explained:
Implementation Handbook for Enterprises