Notes from Fall on BA 354 lab problems

1. Clues to duplex and “too much workin interrupt” errors

  1. Answers from JJ Jock in ACS:
    All the outlets in the lab are set to 100 Mbps full duplex. If your
    Linux boxes are set to auto-negotiate, this will cause the duplex errors
    you're seeing.

  2. duplex and "too much work in interrupt" errors can be solved by reading:

  3. mii-tool is really, really cool
    The following will set eth0 to 100Mb/sec, Full Duplex

    mii-tool -F 100baseTx-FD eth0

    The following does the same thing in the modprobe.conf or modules.conf file

    alias eth0 3c59x
    options 3c59x options=0x204

  4. The above solves the duplex errors completely but does nothing for the interrupt errors

  5. Other clues for interrupt:

2. 802.1x PEAP problems:


  2. Notes from Win XP networking:
    Using AGEIS 802.1x procotol version Data encyrption using WEP is ON and key is provided automatically
    Authentication used is: EAP-PEAP
    Secured Password using: EAP-MSCHAP v2 with no autologon
    SSID: TTUnet provided automatically
    Frequnces found on TTUnet 2.462G, 2.412G, 2.437G, 2.447G
    Registry WPA: CJ27J3P2XV9J9JCPB4DVT

  3. Misc WEP, EAP, etc links
    Basic install
    iwconfig commands