Things I would like to know

  1. Make Xen work with WinXP, FC, & BSD
  2. Fix the size and position of apps when they startup. They seem to continually change!
  3. Change the wallpaper with a shortcut key.
  4. Edit the Menu items config file directly (Done: key here is
  5. Keep menus between versions of Linux the same. (Mostly Done, see above)
  6. Force the "run in terminal window to stay open"
  7. Add StarOffice to the open with option for an attachment in Ximian Evolution? (Works with new version of Open Office & FC5)
  8. Printing Problems, how do I get the Canon Multifpass F30 scanner and printer to work?
  9. Why does kfmclient openProfile filemanagement not work for regular users but does for root sometimes?
  10. What is supermount? and how do I enable/disable it on individual drives?
  11. Allow a regular user to use kppp and other programs where a lock is required?
  12. Where do I change the login manager?
  13. How do I change the default window manger?
  14. Get WPA Supplicant to allow wireless conections to the TTU network from Linux?