Requirements / Steps for an internship under John Durrett:


Prior to the semester in which you are enrolling:

  1. Go to the undergrad and get the ISQS 4382 enrollment sheet

  2. Fill everything out except my signature

  3. Bring the form to me for my signature.

  4. While working think about the following and when finished with the course, write me a 10 page +/- paper. The paper should:

  1. Briefly, describe your job as stated when you were hired

  2. Briefly, describe your job as you really did it. I am primarily interested in the changes from a) above

  3. Provide me with an indication of how well our curriculum did in educating you for the internship. Be specific about the places that the curriculum did a good job and those where topics or skills were lacking.

  4. Provide me with a set of references you use in the course of the job

  5. Tell me anything else interesting.

     5.  eMail me a copy of the paper (I do not want a hard copy).  If I do not get it by last class day the semester you are enrolled I will give you a PR (in Progress) NOT an incomplete.  Then when I get the paper I will change the grade.  In order to get the grade change to work I need the paper at least a month before you wish to graduate.

In general if you turn in a pretty good paper you get a B,

if you turn in an excellent paper with lots of information that is useful to me you get an A.

John (11/18/15)