synergy how-to for linux (Fedora Core 15) and iMac (10.7.2)

I used this windows tutorial and these linux/Mac tutorials

I make some assumptions so this is not perfect

My desk looks like this

the two monitors on the left are controlled by one Fedora box the iMac on the right is new.

This how-to uses the linux box as the server and the iMac as the client but, I tested it and it works both ways.

Installation on the linux box

Go here: and get the install file for your distro (yes yum and/or apt-get work but these are newer)

run sudo rpm -ivh Download/

Go here: and get the tgz file

For Fedora:

This assumes you have compilers and stuff installed, if not it will tell you what is missing.

uncompress the tgz file somewhere, cd to where you put it (~/temp/quicksynergy-0.9.0)

Do a ./configure

Do a sudo make install

For .deb based distros do sudo apt-get install quicksynergy

Installation on the Mac

Go here: and get the install file

open a terminal window

cd Downloads/synergy-1.3.8-MacOSX107-Universal

sudo chown root synergy*

sudo chmod 777 synergy*

cp synergy* /usr/bin

Download the latest .dmg package

      Go here and get the .dmg

      mount it in finder (look in the file menu)
      Drag QuickSynergy to the Applications folder

      Eject the QuickSynergy Volume on Finder

Starting the server on linux and the client on the Mac

open a command line (I like seeing the errors first time) and type quicksynergy

you will get a app like this on your desktop

Put the name of the client(s) in the appropriate places

click execute

Go to the Mac, run QuickSynergy from Applications, click the Use tab

you will get this

Put in the server IP and click Run

If the name of your client is not on the server QuickSynergy map or it is wrong you will get something like this at the command line on the server (fedora in this case)

a client with name "Johns-iMac.local" is not in the map

stop the client and the server

Fix it by changing / adding the name exactly as it is displayed in the error

Start the server and then the client

look at the command line to see if the connection worked

move you mouse to the client, open an app, and type

If you add my Macbook Air to the mix you get

it works fine too.

The only problem here in that the QuickSynergy config app only shows four locations for the client computers. So my Air has to be below

The .quicksynergy/synergy.conf that results from the above looks like:

section: screens





section: links


        down = John-Durretts-MacBook-Air.local

        right = Johns-iMac.local


        up = Gandalf


        left = Gandalf


If the above file (synergy.conf) is copied to /etc then the synergy server (synergys) can be set to run automatically on computer startup. Similarly, the clients can be automatically started using something like synergyc