E-mail guidelines


Due to the volume of e-mail that I receive I must request that you follow specific guidelines when communicating with me concerning class.  Failure to follow these guidelines will at least result in an ignored message and at most result in a lower grade.

Make sure the e-mail subject conforms exactly as follows:


Type of email Subject Example
Homework turn in CourseNumber Homework # - Your Code # 3351 HW3-1234
Requests for help CourseNumber HELP - subject of help 3360 HELP - I've fallen down and can't get up
Anything else about class CourseNumber subject 4348 Is Monday the first day of next week?

To make sure that Texas Tech email does not delete your zip files please put a password on any project zip file you are attaching to the email.

To make sure that I see your email and homeworks please see that attachments conform as follows: