There is a new web-based news server. That we are trying out this Spring (2003)

Go here:



The following is a simple set of usenet client setup instructions, if you already have one you like you should not be here :-)
Outlook, Forte Agent, Netscape, Opera

Look here for an MS Word detailed set of instructions on how to use Outlook Express through an AOL connection

-------To setup Outlook Express as a newsreader:-------

  1. Start Outlook Express
  2. Click Tools / Accounts from the menu
  3. Click the Add / News button
  4. Fill in your correct name & Email (if you want credit for comments :)
  5. Put in as the News (NNTP) server
  6. Click next and Finish
  7. Highlight the new server, right click properties, & the Advanced tab
  8. Put in a port of 8119 & click Ok
  9. Close the accounts dialog and click yes to download newsgroups
  10. Highlight the newsgroups you want and click subscribe.
  11. Click Ok to close the dialog
  12. Read help to understand the use of newsgroups
    ** This reader has problems sending mail if you do not have a mail account configured.

-------To setup Forte's Agent as a newsreader:-------

  1. Go to
  2. Download Free Agent
  3. Install the download
  4. Run the program and setup the required parameters
  5. You need IP for the newsgroup server
  6. Once finished you will not be able to find and server
  7. Exit the program
  8. Open explorer and go the the directory where you installed Agent (c:\Program Files\Agent)
  9. Open the Agent.ini file in notepad
  10. Edit the line that now says NNTP=119 to read NNTP=8119
  11. Save the file
  12. Run Agent
  13. Click Online/Refresh Groups List
  14. Subscribe to the class group
  15. Click Online/Get New Headers in subscribed groups
  16. Have fun

-------To setup Netscape Communicator as a newsreader:-------

  1. Download the Communicator and all components, install it, & start Communicator
  2. Click the Edit/Preferences menu
  3. Click Mail & Newsgroups
  4. Click Identity and fill in your correct name & Email (if you want credit for comments :)
  5. Click Mail Servers and put in the correct information
  6. Click Newsgroup Servers then click Add and put in the following:
    Port 8119
  7. Click Ok to save the changes
  8. Click the Communicator / Newsgroups menu item
  9. Right click on the newsserver ( & click Subscribe to Newsgroups
  10. Subscribe to the desired newsgroups. For instance: classes.sii.isqs5137
  11. Click Ok
  12. Read help to understand the use of newsgroups

-------To setup Opera (or rather to use opera) as a newsreader-------

  1. Download it
  2. Install it :-)
  3. Type the URL in the address bar as:
  4. Click the All button,
  5. Select the newsgroup you want to read.