MIS Course Descriptions

Core Courses, Web Application Design Courses, Telecommuncations Security Courses

ISQS 2340
Name: Introduction to Computers in Business
Desc: This course is an introduction to the vast subject of the use of information systems in business.
Preq: None

ISQS 2341
Replaced by 3345

ISQS 3345 (used to be ISQS 2341)
Name: Objected Oriented Systems in Java
Desc: A basic course in the design and creation of object-oriented programs, currently in Java
Preq: ISQS 2340

ISQS 3346
Name: Internet Programming
Desc: Internet Programming using PHP, Python, .NET, Ruby, and/or any other advanced web application technologies that interest industry and
the instructor.
Preq: 3345 & 3348

ISQS 3348
Name: Database Management Systems
Desc: Basic concepts of database management systems (dbms) using either Oracle or a popular open source dbms
Preq: Upper divsion standing

ISQS 3349
Name: Introductory Telecommunications using Linux
Desc: A hands-on course introducing students to computer-to-computer communications technologies and the Linux operating system.
Preq: ISQS 2340

ISQS 3351
Name: Telecommunications Security using Linux
Desc: An advanced very hands-on course in securing computer networks.
Preq: 3349

ISQS 3358
Name: Business Intelligence
Desc: An introductory course to a broad range of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data to help make business decisions.
Preq: 3345 &

ISQS 3360
Name: Telecommunications Security Theory
Desc: A lecture/discussion course analyzing the basics of telecommunications theory. Best if taken concurrently with ISQS 3350
Preq: 3349

ISQS 4348
Name: Systems Analysis
Desc: Methods for analyzing information needs and specifying application system requirements, the development life cycle and the life cycle phases leading to the determination of system requirements.
Preq: ISQS 3348

ISQS 4349
Name: Information Systems Design
Desc: Introduces the skills needed to develop a physical design and implement an operational system from the logical design of systems analysis.
Preq: ISQS 4348

ISQS 4350
Name: Project Management
Desc: Methods for management of software development projects; procurement and financial control; career and professional considerations.
Corec: ISQS 4348 if possible

ISQS 4361
Name: Web Application Design
Desc: The design and creation of web applications using a multi-tier Internet technology, currently Jakarta Struts and MySQL
Preq: 3346

ISQS 4385
Name: Strategic IT & Telecommunications Management
Desc: The design, management, and maintenance of information technologies to provide strategic organizational advantage.
Preq: ISQS 3351 & 3360